The most AMAZING girl ever, she usually has red hair and is totally HOT! She is funny and sweet and any guy would be so lucky to have her! I love her so much!
Guy:Did you just see that hottie? =O

Girl:Yeah, thats Maddie:(

Guy:I have to meet her!
by Maddielover! June 29, 2010
A complete and utter ]whore] who thinks she's God's gift to everyone around her. Will back stab her friends for the slightest chance of sex, despite the fact nobody is sure why anyone would want sex with her in the first place because she's such an ugly bitch. She also thinks she's superior in every way to her 'friends' and so will often talk of only herself and her not-so-impressive accomplishments for hours on end. Bitches about anyone she deems 'less superior' to her whenever you talk, which really leaves you wondering what she's said about you and, finally, includes an annoying amount of hashtags after the 100 selfies she posts online each day. These usually include:

Wow. That girl is such a bitch. We should stay away from her, she must be a Maddie
by 2.71828 July 19, 2015
an artistic girl with long brown hair( fake) blue eyes, she sucks at being a girlfriend she dates indian boys. :) but Maddie is a great friend
i be like whoa see that girl she has got to be a maddie!
by crazyawsomegirl January 06, 2015
Loves penis and guys with flippy hair.
crushes on fat ppl
likes to sing in the shower

likes hairy guys
shes short like a dwarf
she has blue eyes and brown hair
she gets mad at her friends
she likes kraft dinner.
Thomas- "Maddie I love you so much pls marry me"
Maddie-"no get the fuck away u not hairy"
by JimBob the third August 17, 2014
Another word for a llama.
Did you see that Maddie? It almost spit on me! derpp
by lllamas4lyfe January 10, 2012
A nasty, evil girl who rejects cookies from nice boys and makes them cry. This may also refer to a girl who needs to stop being incestuous with her brother and needs to start washing herself instead.
Person 1: Hey, did you hear about how that girl rejected Mike's cookie?

Person 2: Aww yeah. I heard it's because she's romantically interested in her brother and not Mike.

Person 1: Man, that girl is such a Maddie.
by Twerkoholic October 22, 2013
a girl who once gets in trouble blames everyone else stating she had nothing to do with the situation
lindsay: " who did this"
Maddie: " i didn't do any of it, it was all Christine, Tessa and David"
Kate: She's pulling a Maddie again
by Rafiki Ratz October 18, 2011

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