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A backstabbing skank. Maddies usually look like a 5 year old, and act like one too. They think everyone likes them, when everyone talks behind their back. Usually steals 'friends' boyfriends.
Kelli: Wow. She totally hooked up with my boyfriend this weekend.
Jana: Shes totally a Maddie.
by Vfd176 April 06, 2009
Loves penis and guys with flippy hair.
crushes on fat ppl
likes to sing in the shower

likes hairy guys
shes short like a dwarf
she has blue eyes and brown hair
she gets mad at her friends
she likes kraft dinner.
Thomas- "Maddie I love you so much pls marry me"
Maddie-"no get the fuck away u not hairy"
by JimBob the third August 17, 2014