The type of girl you can goofle because of:

1. her corckiness

2. her happiness (how i see you)
3. her honesty
4. how she cares how others feel
5. her humor
6. her seriousness, yet your still fun
7. her trustfulness
8. her talent to sing
9. how i feel when i talk to her

10. her eyes, delicate and blue, (she doesn't need a mood ring)
11. how she reacts to what happens to her

12. how she tries to understand people's ways
13. her intelligence
14. how she doesn't care about popularity
15. her kindness
16. her openness
17. how stubborn she is sometimes, she stands up for what you believe in
18. how she cares about your friends
19. how she loves her family (how close she is to them) (at least from what it sounds like)
20. her bravery
21. how she want to understand what i tell her
22. how close she is to friends
23. how random she can be sometimes
24. how she's not afraid to speak her mind (at least with me)
25. how my message didn't change our friendship (it didn't get worse)
26. how she need a list to show her why i would goofle her

27. how she will talk about anything

28. how she doesn't lie
29. how she tries not to curse
30. what she finds funny
31. how immature she is, yet she can still be mature
32. how words are just pathetic tries to describe someone as amazing as her
Maddie is a great girl who is very goofleable
by Robert Besler December 26, 2009
Maddie is one of the nicest people I have ever met, I have never met someone quite like her, she is utterly amazing in every way. She have lovely, vibrant ginger hair and makes friends very easily. She is out going and loves a night out with her friends.
Girl 1- Aw my friend is amazing, I love her :)

Girl 2- Same! She's so beautiful and ginger.
Girl 3- Well they both sound like Maddies to be honest
by Her best friend :)))) December 02, 2010
The most amazing girl you'll ever meet. She's perfect in every way, even though she won't believe you when you tell her.
She's funny, sexy, beautiful, smart, loads of fun to talk to, and downright amazing. She's the type of girl that'll have you thinking about her all day, every day. Any guy is the luckiest guy in the world to have her. There's no way to put in words how amazing she is, no matter how much you think about it.
Is that Maddie?

Yea man, she fine as heelll.
by dontworryboutthatson September 27, 2013
First of all. Words can't even describe Maddie. Maddie is the most amazing girl you will meet. Everything about her is perfect. She has the cutest eyes, the best laugh, and the cutest face. She is very loveable and you will most likely fall in love with her at some point in your life. Being friends with her is the best thing that's ever happened to me and i hope i never lose her. I love you so much Maddie, I hope you like it.
"Maddie, What an amazing woman!"
by Bryce Logsdon June 08, 2014
This is a girl who is complete perfection in the inside and out. Always has a beautiful smile on her face. All guys fall for a Maddie, it's almost as if the love goddess Aphrodite has given all the Maddie's on earth her blessing of desire, but she doesn't like a lot of attention...only the most beautiful girls hate attraction. Most Maddie's usually have chocolate brown hair and deep brown eyes. They always have long legs and amazingly clear skin. ALL Maddie's are very intelligent and SUPER smart. They are usually crazy about blue-eyed guys but will settle for green. Don't ever try to challenge her because she will prove you wrong and shove your dumbness right in your face. She sometimes may be a bad influence, but if you invite her into your life she will make it a party. Her life revolves during the night, thats when shes the best BUT she will always try really hard to brighten your day no matter how long it takes her.
Guy 1: Aye man why won't Maddie date me? i mean she dated you. And DAANNGG she FINEE!

Guy 2: you have the same color eyes as her
by cash34 January 01, 2014
A perfect girl with dark chocolate brown hair and amazing talent for singing. When this girl is around other people, she can't help but make them laugh with her funky personalilty. Boys would love to be with her and girls want to be her. She is perfect with guys names starting with j,h and k. Be careful though, if you cheat on her or piss her off, she will make you pay!
If you get her though, you're lucky!
"Oh man, that girl is so hot, she must be a Maddie!"
by Thekittylivestonight! June 27, 2014
Maddie's are the most amazing girl in the world! She is just absolutely perfect!! She is very very special!! She is very smart, sweet, beautiful, amazing, funny, she has the best sense of humor, flawless, and she is the most amazing friend in the world!! There is no other person like her!! If you ever find a girl like this never let her go!! Fight for her no matter what!! She is a one of a kind!! There is no other girl like a Maddie!!!
Dang she's a Maddie!!
by Nugget#1 December 12, 2013
A very beautiful brunette girl who is amazing. Sometimes she finds herself in trouble but she always finds a way to make it up. She has a wild side but seems to never get caught. Once she's done with each of her lovers they never complain. A Maddie is a very special smart girl that anyone would be lucky to know.
You know a Maddie, damn you're lucky.
by Maddiemoeller13 October 09, 2013
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