Often nicknamed Maddy, an outgoing girl who can make anyway burst into fits of giggles. She is highly loving and caring person, who tries her very best to help those around her even when struggling herself. She is often very inquisitive but can lack common sense at times and be highly stubborn but usually has everyones best interests at heart.
She is gorgeous with a beautiful curvy figure, although at times she can be a bit unsure of herself and may need to be reminded how pretty she is.
I was having a rough day and Madaline was there to help out, as always.
by mpts December 02, 2010
Top Definition
The most amazing girl a person can ever meet. She is very sensitive, sweet, nice, caring, loving, cuddly, lovable, adorable, cute, gorgeous, beautiful, glorious, and wonderful, and anybody that says otherwise is just jealous of how amazing she really is. You can know her for only a day or 2 and love her. She is the definition of perfect in my book.
Guy1: Who do you like in our class?
Guy2: Oh, I'de have to say Madaline.
Guy1: Me too!
by Snittles December 24, 2010
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