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Proper Noun: An all-purpose pseudonym regardless of age/gender used to express an all encompassing feeling of rage or injustice, often in a comically puerile fashion. In formal missives, the full title is used - MadBob McCunt.
To whom it may concern, I have been waiting here for over three hours for you to return and empty your washing from the tumble dryer. I therefore took it upon myself to do it for you, and I hope it is still all present and correct in the basket under this note. Love MadBob McCunt.
P.S. I wanked in your pillowcases.
by MadBob May 07, 2007
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A pseudonym used by persons of indeterminate age/sex who may be looking for opportunites to express their sense of rage and injustice in a comically puerile fashion.

Often referred to using the full name MadBob McCunt
"I was waiting for three hours for you to come back and remove your washing from the tumble dryer. As you didn't, I took it upon myself to remove them and carefully fold them into the basket that you see under this note. I hope everything is still here by the time you get back. Also, I wanked into your pillowcases. Love MadBob McCunt
by MadBob April 28, 2007
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The act in giving or receiving a 'blowjob', the Mad comes from how well it was.
Girl - 'Mad bob's yo?'
Man - 'Yahhh' (hot lady)
Man - 'Nahhh' (ugly lady, or whore)
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