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A show on Comedy Central. While new episodes of SNL suck, Mad TV is infinitely worse. Even though it isn't live, the "actors" still manage to mess things up all the time. Features awful impressions of THE SAME celebrities every show; almost always Oprah, Dr. Phil, Steven Seagal, or Shaquille O'Neal. Also features unfunny skits with characters that are basically even uglier versions of the cast BUT with speech impediment (see: Miss Swan, Stuart) mostly comprised of fart jokes, slapstick comedy, or just plain unfunny jokes.
Dumbass: OH! MAD TV IS ON!

Me: Oh god. Where's the damn remote?

Dumbass: Wow! An episode of Gilligan's Island, BUT IN SPANISH! How DO the Mad TV writers manage to come up with this stuff?

Me: You should be shot.

Dumbass: LOOK! Will Sasso is doing his DEAD-ON impression of Robert Deniro! Wow it's funnier this time than the last six episodes.
by Vetti July 17, 2005
216 207
A severely underrated show with severely underrated actors who deserve more credit. I mean, its not like SNL hasn't had their fair share of crude or bad jokes..
Guy 1: "MAD TV SUX"

Guy 2: "SNL would most likely be dead if it weren't for Andy Samberg.."
by personguyman April 19, 2010
28 20
Mad TV has never made me laugh...
I'm sure Mad TV has it's appeal to some, but as a wise 8 year old boy once said: Yes, I'm saying that 1/4 of Americans are retards; to which another wise 8 year old boy responded: Yeah, at least 1/4. This show assumes that off the wall comments and anything random generates comedy. It reminds me of the people in my life for whom I couldn't give a shit whether or not I ever see them again.
by Your hero, F February 23, 2008
42 40
The AT&T of sketch shows. Aired from 1995-2009. Unlike other sketch shows- it was not live. Some people liked it others fucking hated it. The cast was mostly comprised of C-list improv actors and stand-ups. The writing mostly sucked but the cast wasn't terrible. Generally the show was either doing okay or sucking donkey dongs.

Despite the name, it had almost no relation to the popular MAD magazine.

Not the worst sketch show in the word (it's Turn-On, wikipedia the show) but is out of SNL's league with 5 season exceptions.

Rotten Tomatoes; 6.0/10 fresh
Joe; Just saw Madtv last week.

Jon; What?
Joe; You know, that sub-par sketch show.

Jon; Yeah, I still have no clue.
Joe; Forget it
by Sentral August 21, 2011
7 13
Greatest show ever!!!!! MUCH better than SNL which isnt funny anymore.
Bekki:Did you watch Madtv last night?
Becky:Yeah it was so funny
Beckee: i know
by Eric March 06, 2005
339 377
A Sketch Comedy Show aired on Saturday Nights on Fox. It usually is funny, but sometimes it's just stupid. 50 percent of the time I laugh, and 50 percent of the time I had just wasted my time. Even though Mad TV is getting worse, it's way better than Saturday Night Live!
Mad TV was way funnier with it's original cast!
by Zano July 01, 2004
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Funny version of SNL. It MAD tv has some of the best comedians. Some of these guys include Frank Caliendo, Bobby Lee, Aries Spears, Michael McDonald, and many others... Probably one of the best shows on Comedy Central, excluding South Park.

Haha, MAD tv is soooo funny. I just "Trapped in the Cupboard" a parody of R. Kelly's "Trapped in a Closet".
by metallkidd93 January 06, 2008
87 130