two fat people raging on each other
I mad cow diseased with your mom
by B-Raid April 26, 2007
When a girl lies about her ex/one night stand to her friends to try and embarrass him when her claims are usually 100% bullshit
Girl: you know dat Tyreese?
Friend: the one you hooked up with?
Girl: he got himself a babydick

Tyreese's friend: I hear you got you a babydick
Tyreese: hell no she got that mad cow disease fo sho
by Wengerbender March 23, 2014
when you piss off a bitch whos over 200lbs
holy shit! that bitches boyfriend wants me and now ive got to deal with mad cow disease
by prettyladyppp February 16, 2009
what guys have when they don't want to or aren't willing to get rid of their ex girlfriends after already moving on to a new one.
that guy has some serious mad cow disease
by xxxYOLIxxx June 12, 2007
Feeding a cow animal by-product resulting in giving the cow serious constipation therefore having an angry cow.:{
The cow looks mad he must have that mad cow disease he has'nt shat for a Week
by Triple D May 06, 2005
your mother mid cycle
your mother during a heavy flow finding she has no sanitary towels in the house
by ulrich von lichtenstein February 05, 2004
My nation on
by Mad Cow September 13, 2003
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