Mad Cow Disease is when fat people run around trying to eat you.
HOLY SHIT that bitch got Mad Cow Disease.
by Nire November 20, 2003
a fatal disease that affects both humans and cows. very talked about.
one damn cow was found with mad-cow in canada and everyone banned meat.
by megan March 03, 2004
something PETA planted in our cattle in an effort to turn everyone to vegatarians/vegans
damn PETA now they are trying to kill meat eaters with mad cow disease
by kick petas ass January 03, 2004
A legitimate medical term for the symptoms of P.M.S.

A woman with Mad Cow Disease is referred to as a mad cow.
Matt, "Thanks for taking me to the indian casino to play poker tonight. I had to get the fuck away from my wife before she drove me nuts."

Jeff, "You're welcome. I knew you needed it. According to my calender she's got mad cow disease this week."
by dooshkanew August 23, 2009
(n.) A condition in which an individual is nagged and/or afflicted by a raving cow. Also known as marriage.
Poor Jim has a bad case of Mad Cow Disease.
by ChriSe7en July 12, 2009
Someone being of or like a really mean person, specifically and cranky music teacher. They tend to say maaaahhhhh when they are angry. You can use it as any part of speech.
The teacher was totally being all mad cow disease last night. She was all " maaahhhhh"
by bindy havanah December 22, 2008
1.Used to categorize an affliction that turns a normal woman into a mountainous, sloppy looking woman with a snub button nose and a haircut that was crafted with a lawnmower. Usu. gotten by having low self esteem, recreational drug use, poor diet, and lack of intellectual stimulus.
2.Any other similarly or un-similarly described fatter female afflicted with this ailment.
Ex1: Friend1-" What in the hell happened to her?!"
Friend 2-"You didn't hear? S'shame. She developed Mad Cow Disease..."
Friend-1 "Fuck!"
by TooTrue August 26, 2008

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