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In this situation, a man would be in the process of getting head from his Partner, while he is standing and she is on her knees. Right before ejaculation the man would pull out, cum in her eyes, sit on top of her head and drop a deuce.
Last night I picked up this ho at the club and when she was giving me head I pulled off a mad hatter.
by 1TRUTH April 04, 2008
20 45
LSD reference from Alice in Wonderland.
"...back to back hits of that Mad Hatter magic."
"Spiders in the mattress, paisley sunglasses, dialated eyes green, Ice grill that could burn through your Picture-in-picture widescreen.
Poison late late show starring Aes Aesop Rock and his jigsaw face."
by bigshady September 03, 2006
72 39
An extremely ugly person, usually of Middle Eastern descent, with a large nose who is totally mad and likely to blow your ass up with some jihad shit.
Osama bin Laden is one mad hatter ass motherfucker!
by panda, the holy warrior October 20, 2006
168 155
Someone who sells drugs.
You want some weed? look for your local madhatter
by ac January 31, 2004
17 9
A sex game that is played with two or more people. The rules are simple, while in the middle of a sex act one person, who will play the part of the mad hatter, yells "Change places!" Everyone then must rush to switch positions and or partners. The same position cannot be used twice with the same partner. This is a reference to the tea party scene in the Alice in Wonderland book.
John and Cindy liked to play mad hatter on Saturdays to spices things up.
by Lofar January 06, 2014
2 0
The Tea Party movement. Specifically the more radical ones that think there is a communist plot and a threat to the democracy to the country. They wear weird hats. They have insane conspiracy theories. They are loud, provocative, and in coherent... like the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland.
Glenn Beck is a Mad Hatter.

The Tea Party is filled with Mad Hatters
by osirica March 11, 2010
9 7
Someone with great skills in a craft in which they specify. Many times used as a sports team name because of the definition. The image of the mad hatter team symbol usually shows a large, angry, and muscular man resembling 'Uncle Sam' the mascot of America.
The Mad Hatters defeated the Knights because of their honed skills and prowess upon the field.
When he is in a conversation he is a Mad Hatter, his words are so finely selected and so high class everyone who hears him feels his influence.
by The-MaD-HaTTeR April 03, 2009
18 24
When you take a hit off a pipe/bong/blunt with marijuana in it and in the same breath inhale from a cigarette and then without exhaling take a shot of hard liquor then exhale all the smoke after swallowing.
Dude, my friend was totally messed off some mad hatters last night.
by FoeHammer December 04, 2005
25 39