A large headed mammal who has a voice like a crossdressing man, who enjoys driving mommy's Audi, having everything handed to her on a silver platter, and making cupcakes. Though she thinks getting with anything that has a dick will cover her insecurities about her five-head and the fact that she is a weakling, it only makes them more apparent. She pretends to be somewhat tough but threaten a Mackenzie and they will rollover with their tail tucked between their legs and write you long messages expressing how they "feel" (though it is proven they have no adaptation to feeling or thought) while cowering in the comfort of her designer clothes.
A Mackenzie is easily crushed.
by sheniqua3 February 27, 2011
an unfaithful kankled idiot who head appears close to the size of jimmy neutron.
girl 1: wheres mackenzie?
girl 2: just looks for the fattest head in the crowd.
girl 1: oh shit....found her.
by princessn69 March 29, 2011
Total terdbottom who sucks at life and thinks funner is a word.
Huber comes to mind.

Mackenzie is a horrible person
by somedudewick June 27, 2011
Normally a person who loves dance such as ballet and is not easily amused by certain others, does not respond well to stupidity or own mental issues.
Mackenzie has been very mad at the world today, she seems to be swearing up a storm because of one of her friends.
by billxlove January 09, 2009
As a surname, it effortly oozes class, refinement and sophistication. On the other hand anyone with a Mackenzie as their first name is by definition a Chav
Chav 1: "arite mate?"
Chav 2: "Nah mate, im well pissed off! Mackenzie Smiff go' done ova today for shootin' 'is step-muver"
by antidisestablishment April 26, 2009
1. A maneuver in which a female aggressively comes on to you, sexts 24/7, and goes out on expensive dates with you only to wake up one morning and decide she likes her old boyfriend after all. 2. Getting dumped abruptly, without warning or explanation, and out of the blue.
Dood 1- How are you and that hottie doing?
Dood 2- It was going great and then I got Mackenzied!
Dood 1- Told you she had issues.
Dood 2- Shoulda listened to ya bro.
by aces up December 20, 2009
Annoying girl who txts you at random times and has to know everything
Person 1: Im bored
Person 2: Why
Person 1: i just am
Person 2: tell me!
Person 1: youre such a mackenzie
by d00d616 December 03, 2009

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