Usally considered a girls name,but some

unfortinate guys havethis name as well.

For a guy definitonof Mackenzie, see; Mack
Alexander Mackenzie
Mackenzie Crook
Mackenze Astin
Mackenzie Green
by twoboy5 January 24, 2013
Mackenzie S; A gorgeous girl who can't seem to understand how pretty she really is. She really is beautiful on the inside and out. She can always make people laugh no matter what. She is actually quite halirous. She can be a clutz at sometimes. She's always there for her friend's and supports them no matter what. She is a trust worthy person.
by Terre Haute Indiana Boy August 07, 2011
An Amazing, Super funny, Girl who can make anyone laugh! She Attends manymany concerts, and everyone LOVES her with a burning passion. Very Attractive and a blond bombshell!! Everyone wants to be close friends with mackenzie but too bad...she already has her besties for life!!
Oh Wow!! That Girls really A Mackenzie!
by whitehorse101 March 27, 2009
Mackenzie is a way freaking awesome girl. She is SEXY. She is cool. And I love her to death and I would...
She is such a Mackenzie.
by addison taft November 19, 2009
1. GORGEOUS! no homo (:
2. just happens to be one of my bestfriends :)
3. love her like no other
4. i would stuff myself in a trashcan and never come out if she happened to die.
5. really funny :)
6. super AMAZING singer.
why is madison in a trashcan?
mackenzie died :(
by madison:) February 07, 2009
A beautiful girl, someone who loves to eat food mainly pizza. She can be a huge klutz. Shes funny and adorable. She can also be very mean, but you will end up falling in love with her. Also, very ditsy at times. She will never admit any of it though.
Guy: what is your name?

Girl: Mackenzie.

Guy: well, you are beautiful!
by yournamegoeshere March 20, 2011
a super nice and funny girl who is super attractive and always steals the guys and is a total blond
Guy 1:whos that cute girl who just screamed at her locker?

Guy 2:oh thats mackenzie! she is sooo hot!
by Kenz13 August 17, 2009
An amazing guy . Any girl that has him is a very lucky one . this name is more likely to be a girl name, but when is a guy name, the guy is mostly the sweetest guy in the world ! Very very EXTREAMELY hott . Best guy you could ever meet . Great kisser . Awesome hugger . Loves girls with brown curly hair, hazel eyes, and short, but not too short . Likes any kind of music . Often is a smoker, but not to much . Drinks, but almost never gets drunk . Stays commited to one girl at a time . Would never cheat ! Has dark skater hair . Always has a big dickk . Funn to be around . Falls in love easy, but very hard to fall outta love with someone for them . Likes girls with exotic names . You would be a lucky girl to have him fall in love with you . Prolly the best guy you will meet .
by blah de blah de blah blah December 26, 2009

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