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Mackenzie may also be known as Kenzie. Everyone knows her. She's friends with everyone from the popular group to pretty much the bottom. She knows everyone and makes friends easily. She also keeps those friends no matter what. She always has that one best friend. She has other best friends but this one's different. She makes all the guys fall in love and all the girls jealous. She's gorgeous in every single way. She's nice, sweet, funny, and just perfect. She's wonderful inside and out. But she does have secrets. Everyone thinks she's a happy, perky girl but truly, she's breaking. She's not sure why though. She has all she needs in life except for maybe that perfect boyfriend. But she has no reason to be upset. She's the last girl you would expect to even think of suicide, but it's crossed her mind. If you ever come across a Mackenzie, be sure to keep her. Maybe, along the way, she'll break and you'll be the one to pick up the peices.
Girl 1: Omg there's Mackenzie! Isn't she gorgeous!
Girl 2: I want to be her!

Boy 1: Dude! Mackenzie is hott!! I wish every girl was like her.
Boy 2: Aye back off! I called dibs!
by wfjhr June 15, 2014
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A beautiful girl. the name mackenzie itself means 'little princess.' she's quick-witted and very funny, she can be very charming. she also can be the biggest bitch you'll know,and doesn't take shit from anyone. she's a little crazy,but in the end you love her anyway.
ya know mackenzie? yeahhh shes pretty FANTASTIC!
by friggetfragget April 17, 2006
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A beautiful girl, someone who loves to eat food mainly pizza. She can be a huge klutz. Shes funny and adorable. She can also be very mean, but you will end up falling in love with her. Also, very ditsy at times. She will never admit any of it though.
Guy: what is your name?

Girl: Mackenzie.

Guy: well, you are beautiful!
by yournamegoeshere March 20, 2011
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She'll light up your world like nobody else. She is the most amazing, most perfect, most beautiful girl that has ever and will ever walk this earth! Shes cute, funny and adorable. She loves music and dance. Mackenzie's an adorable ball of fun.
There is and only will be one Mackenzie. L
by :P ox October 23, 2011
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Mackenzie is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. Her close friends might say otherwise, but to outsiders Mackenzie is a sweet, honest, shy, girl who couldn't hurt a fly. To her friends she is loud, funny, ditsy, and doesn't take crap from anybody. She stands up for those close to her, and is not afraid to give her opinion on things. She is shy to people she doesn't know and is bad at introducing herself. She is a completely different person with her friends. Some girls think she's a bitch because they think she is two-faced, but that isn't the case. She is a great friend to have and i wouldn't have it any other way!
Girl 1: Did you see Mackenzie? She is so two-faced!
Me: No way! Maybe if you got to know her better you would see who she really is!
by jbrmeo May 20, 2013
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The most amazing girl. she's hot and likes to play sports. everyone loves her. shes kind and trustworthy. she can be a bitch but only if you piss her off. she is also fun, exciting and verry smart. shes always willing to help others out. she dosnt ditch her friends.
Girl 1: do you know Mackenzie
Girl 2: ya we've been best friends since 1st grade
Girl 1: shes such a great person
Girl 2: ya but dont piss her off
by 126064140 August 26, 2011
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a silly girl who is someone that takes a few looks to notice that she's beautiful. she can be a clumsy, embarrassed klutz sometimes but it adds to her attractiveness in a damsel in distress sort of way. she knows how to stand up for herself and earns what she gets. she loves music and dance. she is smart and has an good attitude.
"hey who's that?" Robert
"wait who?" Lucy
" the pretty one who just ran into the door. it was quite funny" Robert
"oh thats just mackenzie haha" Lucy

by lorelai claire novak February 05, 2009
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