An amazing girl who never fails to make you smile. Everytime you see her your day gets better. Every text she sends makes you feel happy to read. She makes you get that warm tingly feeling inside that you can't shake. You constantly think about her, and she's in your dreams at night. You didnt know that dreams could come true but she's living, breathing, amazingly perfect proof of that. From the moment she entered your life you knew she was special and you'll never let her go.
Mackenzie is amazing.
by gtpsgtpsgtps December 18, 2011
Mackenzie is the most amazing girl you will ever meet. She is extremly funny and is almmost ALWAYS hyper. She is extremly athletic but her favorite sport is basketball. She has a lot of friends and is gorgeous! she is always joking around but is also very smart. Her favorite is science and gym.
new kid: whos that really pretty girl playing football with all the guys?
friend: oh thats mackenzie!
by sports-it-up19 September 28, 2011
A beautiful girl who has overcome much in her life and is wise beyond her years. She is very calm in difficult situations, similar to Dumbledore. She is a great friend because she always knows what to say, will comfort you, cry with you, laugh with you, and play with you. She has eyes like no other and a smile that will light up the room. She is funny, crazy, and witty, social, very athletic and talented. She is someone you will want to keep around and love for a very long time.
Girl: Mackenzie and I have been friends only for 2 years, it feels like a lifetime, I love her with all my heart.

Guy: ya she's just one of those kinda people.
by Reanie Beanie January 29, 2014
an amazing guy with gorgeous brown eyes. he is soo sweet, and one of the hottest dudes you will ever meet. (:
an awesome friend and an even better boyfriend.
likes girls with brown wavy hair, and usually green eyess.
can be confusing at times. he can be very talkative or very shy, and he's adorable when he blushes. gives amazing, warm hugs <3

do not pass up a mackenzie,, ever .
mackenzie just asked me out, i think my life is complete .
by lollipopp October 15, 2010
An amazing friend, caring. She is smart and learns things quickly. She has a sassy mouth and is mean sometimes. Very pretty, outgoing, and sometimes bossy. She is tough, and sometimes is a bitch.
Look at the beautiful gi over there, is she Mackenzie?
Yes she is!
by CheerleadingROCKS2 April 06, 2015
The HOTTEST GIRL EVER! She has long brown hair, brown eyes, the cutest sneeze and always laughs the loudest! She is a bit clumsy, but that makes her more adorable!, the other day she was talking to her friend and walked into a door! LOL, I wish I had of asked her out when I had the chance...
Friend: Hey, You hear Mackenzie likes you! Are you going to ask her out...

Me Thinking: OMG REALLY, but I am to nervous! I cant talk to girls that well! WHAT DO I DO!
Me: No...

Friend: Ok...

Me: Crap why did I say that! (punch myself in the face, purposely run into a wall)


I am in her class, hopelessly trying to impress her.
by B+M November 26, 2013
Mackenzie is the perkiest happiest girl you will ever meet. She is kind of short, but really pretty and nice. She would never do anything to hurt anyone. If you find a Mackenzie, be her friend and always have her back because she will do the same for you.
"Do you know Mackenzie?"
"OMG YES! She's the perkiest person I know."
"Yeah, she's like santa and Disneyland surrounded by a field of flowers with bunnies while eating candy."
"She's just that perky."
by People Hater June 09, 2013
She is the most beautiful,loudest, funniest, and most clumsy person you will ever meet. She isn't a girly girl or a tomboy . She's strong, she plays football with all the guys. She is a total blonde with blue eyes, all the boys fall at her feet.
Guy 1: who is that girl that is throwing the football?

Guy2: that's Mackenzie. She's so cute

Guy 1:do you know her?

Guy 2: no but I want to
by bæ_12_14 March 16, 2015

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