the tween version of fuck and chuck. some may literally bang someone and leave them hanging, while teenagers choose the route with their mouthes.

mack n smack refers to the action of making out with someone, and then ignoring them completely, blocking them from your life.
Mike: Yo, have you talked to Sally lately?
Bill: Naw man, I totally mack n smacked that bitch.
Mike: Good for you bro, she looks like a mack n smack.
by danakkkkkkkkkkk69 February 05, 2011
Top Definition
Mack and smack originated from S.J. Hadleyburg from Red Bank N.J. The mack n' smack means when a dirty ass ho you are mackin' on, tells you no! You smack that broke ass bitch on that sweet ass ghetto booty.
Shanda played ya boy so he gave her the ol' mack n' smack!
by Bizzle Holly n' the Cricks March 30, 2005
somethin that someone has to do all the time who can't mack.
sheep can't mack, he's gotta mack n' smack, but that never works
by v-smooth November 24, 2006
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