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A mac is the king of pimps. He is the one that Pimps the Pimps. Most Macks control companies that supply all.
In America the big time Mack is considered H. Hefner mr playboy him self. In Europe the big mack is considered Crona Stays for all his Strip clubs. In Canada the Mack is Considered Tremain Downey for all his websites.

Look at how he networks his employees... Hes the supreme mack daddy.
by Carrol Anne June 15, 2006
A major major pimping person.
Julia Eggleston and Chuck Norris can both be concidered "mack daddys."
by Hlna Lrna March 26, 2008
1. mastah pimp

2. when larger in size, he is usually referred to as the Big Mac daddy. closely related to the Burger King, the Big Mac Daddy is a huge pimp.
1. that guy is a mack daddy!

2. Big Mac Daddy loves to see you smile whule burdoning you with high cholesterol and grams of fat
by o'doyle rules July 01, 2006
1. The boss, head honcho.
2. Pimp
1. Steve Ballmer is now the Mack Daddy of Microsoft.
2. Steve Ballmer is now the Mack Daddy of Microsoft's shitty products.
by Krazee Eyez Killa June 09, 2004
Also see definition for mack
by x January 31, 2003
An Ultra Pimp, The Main Reason For Being A "Mack Daddy" Is that you would abandon your friends just to hang out with girls, You are a mother fucker and must die
Cole Ditched His Friends To Go to Torie's House, Beacause He is a "Mack Daddy"
by Anoymonous March 14, 2005
definitely not Cole McCormack. He is a fat jew beast with pimples, and fucking dreads.
NOT cole McCormack he is the biggest poser
by cole March 13, 2005