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A sexual position in which the male bends over and sticks his dick backwards between his legs and the girl backs up onto his dick while making beeping noises like a Mack Truck. Variations include the Wide Load (women in excess of 200 lbs.)
Guy: Yo my girlfriend pulled the Mack Truck yesterday. I nutted everywhere
Other Guy: Dude thats so ballin. Did you try the Alaskan pipeline after?
Guy: No I've been constipated for weeks so I didn't have any frozen shits laying around
#mack truck #mac truck #alaskan pipeline #angry dragon #alabama hot pocket #rusty trombone #boner
by Cock Mob September 24, 2007
a nose the size of a mack truck
Guy 1) Daaayyyyuuummmmmm did you see that girls nose
Guy 2) Yeah that bitch gotta macktruck
#nose #big #gross #mack #truck
by finklethetwinkle December 08, 2009
Have sex, shag, make love, usually with a random or macker.
Did you mack truck him?
#sex #shag #macker #make love #fuck
by HeyHoHayleigh April 29, 2007
A guy with a huge penis.
That guy that I slept with had a Mack Truck!
#mack #truck #18-wheeler #mack daddy #penis
by InuAngel October 06, 2006
Heavy flirting, pulling out the stops for that head-on hit-on.
Macking like your life depended on it.
Dude, she's my soulmate; I was mackin' her like a truck.
But she passed ya like a Mazda.
I know, who can resist my rollin' mack truck?
#mack #mac #truck #flirt #hit on #game
by godofapathy July 21, 2011
The huge space between a human's two front teeth that clearly indicates braces were necessary but not entertained. Now because of the zero igknowledgement to the issue to appears like you can drive a mack truck through the space. Although not reservered for poor white trash - it usually rears it's ugly head in that neck of the woods.
Jesus I can't even speak to that dude without totally being sucked in by his mack truck.
#teeth #smiles #trucks #face #braces
by Amy Resetarits January 11, 2007
A vehicle that a "macker" or a "mack daddy" would drive.
Going out tonight, Ive put some turbo in my mack truck, Im gonna be parking it in some bitches garage tonight!
#mack #mack daddy #macker #trucker #macktruck
by Richie dc November 24, 2005
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