Short term word for Macedonians- people who are the hot, have the most pride of their country, the best dancers, the best cooks, and much more!
Dancing called oro
Nikola: Yo, did you see that hot maci girl ova there!
Saso: Hell ya!
Vesna: Hey boys! you want to dance oro?
by ~*Angela*~ July 18, 2006
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a kickass girl who loves a good time who is so awesome she is great at everyting she does. Everybody want to be like her.
The air is so Maci
Maci is it she is the shit
by mcdiva21 February 09, 2009
A beautiful girl who is sweet and niceand smart. She will kick your ass if you piss her off and junk. She has brownish hair and hazel eyes most of the time. She looks amazing as a blond, too. And with black hair and purple streaks, she dyes her hair sometimes. But that's just my Maci. All the other ones are gorgeous and stuff too.
Dude, look at maci over there!
Goddamn it, look at her lovely eyes!
by Greg4197456 June 04, 2011
the other fucking coolest girl in the world, and way cooler than connor.
there is no example. but shes just a girl.
by marley March 21, 2005
Maci: Probably the most funniest person you'll ever meet. She is beautiful, very fun to be around, has a great personality and loves to eat&talk.
Person 1: "Dang. I wish I could be like Maci. She's such a rolemodel."

Person 2:"How does Maci eat so much food??"

Person 3: "Wow Maci is pretty much the funniest person I've ever met."
She is the coolest person ever!! She so beautiful! Her best friends name is Shana.:) She is fun to be around. She also is very hilarious! She laughs at everything. She's sweet and fun to be around! Maci is basically the most coolest person on earth!
I want to be just like Maci!
by Shana Messex October 03, 2011
A girl who's sweet, beautiful, cute, sexy, real, and cool as'f, and also beast at err thang she do. But she not so smart & has shit for brains. Maci loves to talk, never shuts her ass up, and eats everything in sight. Also has the most beautiful eyeballs. Everyone wants to be Maci tho.
Person 1; omg look at this pizza, it's sO MACI.

Person 2; dude this air is so Maci. I could breathe it all day long.

Person 3; how do Maci eat so much?! There she go eating her second pan o pizza!!

Ex) dude Maci is the shit!

Ex) why can't I be Maci?!

Ex) bro look at Maci's eyeballs, can you say shitty but cute.
by Annie Chaoudin January 23, 2014

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