The second baddest guy in the universe.
Known for being one of the most powerful Jedi. Second only to the great Master Yoda himself. Kicks ass and has an awesome purple Light Saber.
Was killed by Palpatine and Vader.
Palpatine: I will not let this Republic, which has stood for a thousand years, be split in two. My negotiations will not fail.

Mace Windu: If they do, you must realize there aren't enough Jedi to protect the Republic... we're keepers of the peace, not soldiers.
by Jedi Master Luna February 01, 2006
The worst Jedi Knight in the history of the galaxy. He gets his behind whipped (and fooled) by the supreme master of the force, Emperor Palpatine, as did Yoda.
Mace Windu sucks. Yes he does.
by Imperial Officer April 26, 2005
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