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Some ugly shit that you made in 1st Pre-School that your parents thinks is so adorable when they know its ugly as Shit.

I felled for that when i was in Pre-school, the day after i gave it to her i found my Shitty art in the trash. DAMN LIARS..
Lil Billy: "Hey Mommie look what i made in class!"

Mom: Aw that's so adoorable Billy!(What the fuck is that
is that a owl or a Circle?)

Mom:This is going right on the fridge so everyone can see that your a true artist!(shiiiit, yea right that's

going straight in the trash)

The next day,

*Lil Billy finds the Macaroni Art in the trash*
Lil Billy: T_T.
by ILikeOingehs September 23, 2010
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