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Ghetto, gang name for McKinney, Texas.
The Mac-town crips!
by BibthebuilderTurds March 18, 2010
35 20
City in Georgia, refering to Macon.
Did you go to that Lil' Jon concert at Club Money's in Mactown yesterday?
by MactownKing June 27, 2005
161 43
Slang name for Macon, Georgia.
I was born in Columbus, Georgia but grew up in Mactown.
by Hannah March Campbell April 05, 2006
67 20
a pimps area for pimpin
nigger get the fuck out dis is my mactown
by macdady December 18, 2005
10 3
McMurdo Station, Antarctica (the supply hub for almost all scientific explorations in Antarctica)
Put that broken snowmobile on the next Herc to Mac Town
by ibkidd37 March 08, 2009
3 3
Nickname for NSF McMurdo Station(Formerly Naval Air Facility McMurdo)
I can't wait to leave Scott Station for Mac Town
by ACClark August 06, 2008
3 5
The nastiest place where there isn't many niggers,everybody either does cocaine or heroin and if they don't they are a rapist. Everybody has shared the same sex partner numerous times that there could be flash cards of vagina's and everyone would win.
Hey have you ever been to the kentucky of africa? Its like Mac-Town
by The deadbeat Dad November 19, 2010
6 25