A truly good game, well in truly. This game is prone to getting hacked and players losing their character if not items they worked hard on getting. Mabinogi, a place where you are supposed to have fun and make friends, and fight to save the world of Erinn. Too bad that Erinn is overrun with not formers, but hackers and so called GM's that hack into your characters data, corrupting it and supposedly ruining your fun. Channel crashes are the most frequent way of losing beloved items, unless paranoid and log out/change channel to save your characters data. But if you can survive all that, with your character, data, friends and items all in tact, then you are one hell of a legend... but who knows, you could be friendless as your friends may not have been so lucky. ^^
Omg wdf happened to my clothes?!
... Dude, I told you to change channel or log out
But serious, wdf?!
:l I'm sorry man, these channels are unpredictable at the moment, you know that.
I worked so hard for that, this is bull *rage quits Mabinogi* DX
by That Stalking Succubus <3 December 31, 2011
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A shitty MMO with sub-par graphics and is made by the same people that made Maplestory.
Non-mabinogi player: yo dude lets go outside or something

Mabinogi player: naw man i gotta lvl up to 40 and run some dungeons

6 months later...

Non-mabinogi player: fuck man lets go outside you havn't been outside or to school in 6 fucking months!

Mabinogi player: Hold on im just doing my 8th rebirth then i gotta run some more dungeons.
by Secret Agent Man 0077 July 28, 2009
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