A deceitful boy, who think he's hard going against his religion by drinking and smoking weed. He is obsessive, arrogant, gloating, untrustworthy, disrespectful and down right vile to his parents. He thinks he can get his way if he gets someone drunk enough. He has an inability to understand the word "NO". He knows nothing of real life.

He is delusional. Avoid him at all costs.
He's acting like a complete Maaz again. Get him away from me
by catseyes November 24, 2012
Top Definition
Maaz comes from the word "Maaza" in urdu/ hindi, meaning "enjoyment". A Maaz will give you great pleasure if you are on his good side. Say these words as often as you can to a Maaz: I love you, Maaz. Make sure you mean it when you do. A Maaz can never be lied to, nor can he be decieved.
1: I love you, Maaz.
2: Maaz, ao maaza karre...!
by You know who. February 05, 2005
Refers to something crazy or something sick.
Yo guy, your way too maaz!
Holy shit did you see that guys car, its fucking maaz!
by Makhni January 06, 2011
when one wears tight pants to the point where it is not possible to remain a man

Also see Sobee Homosexual and spandex
Yo those pants r so Sobee, nah man they Maaz
by Cha chang June 11, 2009
maaz is maraathi word, meaning "arrogance". Typically used as a slang. Most oftenly people having name "Charu" somewhere in their name possess this quality to extreme amount.
the only solution to defend yourself from maaz is to use a weapon called "haaD".
maaz comes to your room telling how good encoding he has done and tells you to see that video.
only way to escape is to say that he has done very good work. (this is weak version of haaD)
(now strong version of haaD)tell maaz that you are busy playing with some new encoding software called "Encode Studio.Net". And you have no time to waste nad you are about achieve 78% compression of dat files with just 19% loss of video quality and 11% loss of audio quality. Now you won't see maaz for atleast next 7 days as he will be busy searching for "Encode Studio.Net" and achieve better compression than you.
by Amit February 06, 2005
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