1) Spanish for "tomorrow"
2) Spanish for "not today, maybe later"
Employee: When can I get a raise?
Boss: Mañana.
by rcarlson August 08, 2007
In spanish, mañana means "tomorrow"
Although if you say la mañana, it means "morning"
Another saying is Mañana, mañana which means "later". This later can mean a week later or two years later. It is very vague.
1: Hasta mañana. (See you tomorrow)
2: ¡Por la mañana! (In the morning!)
3: ¡Mañana, mañana! (Later!)
by Neo Queen Serenity April 18, 2009
New flavor of Powerthirst energy drink
New flaovors of powerthirst now include; manana, fizzbitch, and GUN!
by Kjoz January 31, 2008
when a guy cums in a girls ear, because it doesnt come out until the next day. Derived from the Spanish, mañana, which means tomorrow.
I gave Sam a mañana last night, she called me this afternoon when it finally came out.
by Kevin's Sister Is a whore November 29, 2007
1) The Spanish Word For "Tommorrow"

2) A Word That One Can Shout When Something Glorious In Your Favour Happens. Derived From Expert Poet, H.P Baxxter.
1) See You Mañana?

2) "Aw! Spuggy's Having A Party This Weekend!! Mañanaaaaaaa!!"
by Euan Connelly January 26, 2009
The best flavor of Powerthirst next to Gun.
On the way to my cubicle desk job, i slammed a Manana Powerthirst.

Those are alright. My favorite is Fizzbitch though.

Eh, I don't like Fizzbitch that much, but GUN is pretty dece. I like the aftertaste.
by Austyr April 22, 2009
A man with a large curved penis.
He was hot but he had a manana.
by Mack22 March 13, 2014

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