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another way to say Your mother
Yo quit talkin bout ma dukes
by Krueger February 20, 2005
540 73
another way of sayin' mama. Don't know the origin of it...
"Ma duke ain't givin' me shit!!" from B.I.G.'s 'Gimme the Loot'
by xeno777 September 11, 2004
116 22
1. J Dilla's mother (Miss "Ma Dukes" Yancey)

2. Your mother

3. Your Fists
2. Don't be talkin shit about Ma Dukes!!!

3. You don't want to make me raise ma dukes
by B Jams September 23, 2009
150 93
another word for your mother, or ma
Hey dude, your madukes called and said she aint sending you any more money for school.
by johnnyb December 23, 2004
27 5
a way to refer to your fists when fighting
You wanna fight? Put up yur dukes! I'm puttin' up ma dukes
by Doug Bailey May 05, 2005
44 324
1. Someone's Heroes/Role-Models

2. Any genitalia that comes in a pair
1. Tom Cruise is one of ma dukes

2. I named ma dukes "George Clooney" and "Kevin Spacey," so that when I get kicked in the balls, it is now a win/loose situation
by no13 March 10, 2005
32 318