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a Dick that is medium in size and wet from anal lubrication
ron jeremy always has a MWD, but replace medium with massive
by shiznatty June 09, 2007
My Wet Dream - The one special person that makes you happy in your pants, the object of your affection
Random person - "who's that girl in all those pictures?"
Dave - "Oh that's Tonia, MWD"
Random person - "wow mine too"
Dave - *punches random person in the nose*
by Drukenhard February 26, 2008
Military Working Dog, K-9, or dog used by miliary as part of search and rescue or search and destroy, or any other working role.
My MWD has a Canine Tactical Assault Vest and infrared night-sight cameras. I make sure he takes good care of his teeth so I don't have spend $2,000 bucks to replace them with titanium crowns.
by mlhiss May 15, 2011
Masturbating while driving.
John: Peter was pulled over the other day for a M.W.D.
William: What a fag...
by ToothFaireee January 23, 2010
In the game EVE online, it stands for "micro warp drive", a mechanism which makes a ship go very fast
his frigate had a mwd and outran our fleet
by ZAXX July 17, 2008