Morning wood, an erection that is still raging after you've woke up
If i have MW i usually wait in my room and try to think about my granddad naked so my MW goes away
by tory borty May 07, 2013
Common Typo in the best irc channel for mad.
<+iamraptorjesus> U MW? SOMEONES MW

<@JelloPudding> DSTR U MW!
by kollinsgay2 October 07, 2009
a sign someone uses to represent the Midwest
Twista is one of the fastest rappers straight out of the MW.
by A.Botts September 20, 2005
This is a "crew" from ny that be the shizznit
Yo M-W in tha house bitches
by madvandl December 13, 2004
morning wood
when a man wakes up from a good nite sleep wit a mad erection and prrly ebarrassed
dude charlies got a mw wood he must of had a good nite
by og dobson September 30, 2006
mw is meant to be the word me, but, in todays fast paced society me is mistakenly typed in as mw
That looks like a great bar for mw to hang out at! i'd never leave!!!
by pkanma June 20, 2007
abbreviation for moon well - building that produces food for night elves in Warcraft III
hey, build some MWs.
by Shad3 November 08, 2004
superiority in authority; legend; the greatest ever
Someday, people will know my name - I'll be truly MW-like.
by Dave Remkus July 28, 2003
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