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Massively Visible Boner: Something you get when you see a dime.
I get an MVB every time I see Kylie Minogue!
by C0dettes November 16, 2005
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Most Valuable Buck
A person on the Milwaukee Bucks Basketball Team, who does not possess any actual talent, but manages to create an uproar when random acts of skill manage to overcome their extreme awkwardness.
"Yo man!! Did you catch that sick Mil Bucks game last night?"
"Yeah totally! That M.V.B. was totally rictor!"
"I know! She managed to swish the half court shot, after getting slammed down, bucked up, and spat out!"
by Notorious B.U.C.K. January 29, 2010
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Stands for Monthly Vaginal Bleeding. A synonym for a woman's period, or menstruation.
Megan's MVB was finally over after 5 days.
by Borimir August 16, 2009
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Most Valuable Bitch, the most important female; the 1st lady. Queen B (Lil' Kim) For Bad Boy Records.
Dat chick is the MVB of th clique ya na, so you best show some respect.
by Pecknarm's MVB December 26, 2006
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Friend 1: "Does MVB really stand for modesto virtual bathroom?"

Friend 2:"Maybe. Maybe not."
by Horchataisntthatcool17 January 13, 2009
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Doing a girl in the mouth, vaginal, and then butt


Massive Vaginal Boner aka crazy swollen clit
Yo brah, I fuckin' MVB'd some freshman last night at that party!
Dude, fucked this chick last night with a fucking MVB. It was bigger than Kenny's cock.
by lielia June 04, 2011
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Most Vauluable Button
my previous channel button is my MVB
by Stephanie Light April 02, 2008
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