A tall blonde chick from the arm pit of America also known as New Jersey. Generally drives a chyrsler and is always being confused with a tall building.
Hey! whats that building over there? oh wait... its muse
by beardman April 29, 2005
A band that don't know how to sing, unlike Story of the Year.

Oh, and they have an obbsessive fan called Jess who wishes to marry Dominic Howard. Saddo.
Muse: La La La
Dom: Surce, cause I got nuthin better to do
by xozo March 04, 2008
Cu, diz band suck cu. An overated mainstream alternative band from England. There are dozens of great bands from England, but this is not one of them.
Cu, Muse suck, cu,. Are you for serious?
by Bobart jr. May 06, 2005
An artistic being used by a artist on the internet to portray oneself, but to keep their idenity safe.
Dude, why does your muse look like yoda?

You can't use Tony Stark as a muse, dipshit.
by ~Castiel January 14, 2015

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