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1) a creative inspiration

2) A inhumanly awesome band that manages to fuse rock and classical and still make it the best thing ever thus reducing me to tears.

They take everything good in the world, times it by 10, add some mushrooms, and make it amazing. You may burst into tears upon listening to Butterflies and Hurricanes, faint to Our Time is Running out, and possibly die if you are fortunate enough to see them live.

You will no longer need food, water, drugs, sex or whatever else you think you need now as long as you have Muse
Person With Ears 1: Wha...what's playing now? *cries*
Person With Ears 2: it...its Muse

*person one and two die with euphoria*
by ihaveears May 18, 2009
a completely awesome band that is really great
british of course
great live performances
their albums are like hour long orgasms
and they're the best
wow did you see muse last night

yeah i jizzed all over matt.
by dakota71291 March 02, 2007
Firstly we must note, of course, that Matt Bellamy has the most amazing chin in the history of man.
never before has the mainstream music industry been able to revel in the sight of such a wonderous buttchin.
Muse are amazing as they follow the exact criterea for the most awsome rock band in the world:

Singer/guiatrist who distorts his guitar and sings in such an amazing manner that you think you are being blown out of the sky by an alien on acid?
Ridiculously amazing drummer wearing jeans in all the colorus of the rainbow?
Bassist with rock star swagger and awsome facial hair?

They also seem to have scarily obssesive fans.

For the record, they do NOT sound like radiohead.
At a muse gig:
Heckler: Play Paranoid Android!!
by mayarrr February 19, 2008
The greatest band in existence. Anyone who disagrees with this statement while not referring to the entity of a Muse fails at life.
If Muse were to be combined into a single, breathing entity, it would likely be Chuck Norris with an electric triangle.
by PossumCuber September 26, 2009
A great band with an extremely unique sound. A Muse song will rarely be confused with another band's song.
They have many different styles, some songs are softer while some get quite heavy.
I've heard from various people that they're very good live, too.
Muse are very awesome. (:
by I'mAnonymous March 25, 2008
Muse is an excellent 3-piece British band, which comprises of Matthew Bellamy (Guitar, Vocals, Piano), Chris Wolstenholme (Bass, Backing Vocals) and Dominic Howard (Drums, Various Percussion).

Many describe Muse's music as Alternative or Progressive-Rock. It can be delicate or heavy, and caters for all emotions.

Muse released their first album, Showbiz, in 1999, and went on to release Origins of Symettery in 2001 and then Absolution in 2004. They have also made a live album, Hullabaloo, which is avaliable on CD and DVD.

Muse, unlike many bands of today, play their own instruments, write their own songs and perform live.

In other words, Muse is the Greatest band in the world.
Person 1: What is that nifty music you are listening to?
Person 2: Why, it's Muse!
by Kevin McCheese October 27, 2005
The only band composed with Matt Bellamy's amazing high voice that will make a girl orgasm.
listen to "Micro Cuts" by MUSE and its all over.
by talkradioo March 14, 2009