A very successful and talented heavy rock band that originated in Devon. Consisting of Matthew Bellamy (vocals, guitar, piano), Dominic Howard (drums), and Christopher Wolstenholme (bass, backing vocals), they joined together in 1994 at the age of sixteen, calling themselves the Rocket Baby Dolls. Their plan was to form this band for one week to take the piss in a local Battle of the Bands contest, arriving with makeup, stupid hair, the whole thing. They came to lose, expected to lose, but they won because of the attitude, and realised that's what music was all about. They decided to stick together and change their name to Muse, releasing their first EP when they were about 17 and released their first album, Showbiz, in 2000 (average age 21). As of 2007, the group has five albums, including the live Hullabalooalbum.
Muse is an eclectic band, a mixture of new prog, heavy metal, and indie rock with a mixture of opera vocals (Matt Bellamy has a strong vibrato for a rock singer) and classical piano (such as the elegant piano solo in the middle of Butterflies and Hurricanes). They site Queen, Rage Against The Machine, and Jeff Buckely as their major influences.
Muse are infamous for trashing their equipment, heavy touring, lively shows, taking the piss when they aren't aloud to play live, and having crazy laughs. Definitely pwoper wock.
"I got tickets to the next Muse concert whoooooot!"
"EEENNVVVVYYYYY they're so goodI'mlosingallcoherenceahgdfhgkhdfg!"
by screenaging June 27, 2007
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The best band in the world, and they are british :) Very good live aswell!
Tom: I saw muse last nite
Dick: Arnt they the best band in the world?
Harry: Arnt they the best live band 2?
Tom: YES YES YES!!!! MUSE ARE THE BEST!!11!!ONE!!!11111111111
by A zeks muse fan February 17, 2005
Muse is a band that I love with a passion, it's the coolest band you will ever come across. Its genre is mostly progressive rock, it can get a little heavy and it can be a little soft as well.
Think of the coolest band ever and you're almost there!
by Alice C. March 04, 2005
Only the most amazing, melodically creative band that exists/has ever existed/will ever exist. They show such a sparkling array of talent that it puts every talented person to shame.
The 3 greatest men ever. 'Sex' in human form.
Jon: I saw Muse live last night, then went home and listened to them on my hi-fi. I had such a boner on both occasions. They are the best.
James: I so agree. I used to slag them off, but now i love them more than i love my family. They rock.
by chippendale keith July 17, 2005
Quite simply, this three person band from Great Britain produces the best music im sure I will ever hear. Hearing "Thoughts of a Dying Athiest" makes me want to touch myself.
If you like Muse, give yourself a high five!
If you have never heard Muse, go to www.muse.mu where you can hear their music.
If you don't like Muse, then you can go fuck off and die, because you are, no doubt, an ignorant bastard with less appreciation for good music than N*sync fans.
Quinten: *Gives Jake 5 dollars*
Jake: What is this for?
Quinten: Thanks for telling me to listen to Muse. They kick ass!
by JakeSeifert August 13, 2005
Really the only band you need in your life.

Their music will soundtrack and heighten every emotion you've ever experienced, whilst quite literally blowing your mind, reducing you to tears, making your heart burst in sheer rapture and making you want to bow down and worship at the feet of the three virtuosically talented English musicians who created it.

Like drugs, only much better.
Muse = aural sex.
Muse = Better. Than. Sex.
by citizen e September 15, 2005
Muse are a band from Teignmouth, composed of three men - Matthew James Bellamy (vocals, piano, keys, lead guitar) Chris Wolstenhome (bassist) and Dom Howard (drums and percussion)

There style is progressive rock, and they are a fantastic band live. England should be proud they have managed to produce such a good rock band in all the crappy nescafe quick fix music thats around today.

Dom is a fab drummer, Chris is an awesome bassist, my personal fave after Flea, and Matty is a cutey and can do the most amazing vocals, the only person i can think of who is better is the lead singer of COF (cradle of filth)
by Jmtgpa August 10, 2005
Best band EVER from the good old Albion. 'Mazing live. Ultimate legend icons. Also very good on the eyes.
Char: What are you listening to, Al?
Al: Muse!!
Char: Ahhhh the most generation-defining rock act the world has ever seen
Al: Yup.
by Al & Char August 17, 2005
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