Really the only band you need in your life.

Their music will soundtrack and heighten every emotion you've ever experienced, whilst quite literally blowing your mind, reducing you to tears, making your heart burst in sheer rapture and making you want to bow down and worship at the feet of the three virtuosically talented English musicians who created it.

Like drugs, only much better.
Muse = aural sex.
Muse = Better. Than. Sex.
by citizen e September 15, 2005
1. wank
2. toss

1. wanker
2. tosser
1. "Damn, my bloody flat mate Mused all over the carpet".
2. "He completely Mused-up that guitar part."

1. "I gots to jet; they too many Muse up in here."
2. "I understand that you are a Muse, but can't you keep it in your pants?"
by DwarfShortage December 06, 2012
a great band with a sound that compares to a mixture of radiohead and rage against the machine.
muse muse muse muse muse
by schmowge February 09, 2007
A great band, nearly as good a Radiohead.
Dyou like Muse?
Yeaaah, but I'm still hooked on Radiohead.
by Hoovah April 17, 2010
a band of pretty cool greek girls made by Zeus and Mnemosyne to help artists when they need inspiration.

by extension, anybody who's in a position to inspire an artist.
Who's your Muse, muso? - Muse
by Flop February 02, 2005
A substitution for the word "sex" or "fucking" so parents or anybody else would not know what you are talking about.

girl: So you want to muse tonight?
guy: Yeah, I've been dying to get my thoughts straightened out!
by bluecat May 26, 2007
A urethral suppository similar to Caverject, used to treat male impotence. Very effective. Similar to loading a musket.
Used in desperation, since afterwards your dick will feel as if you slammed it in a door.
I used Muse, then I fucked her (after giving her the $200.00), then my dick felt like I slammed in in the car door (like five times).
by Buttslapper October 15, 2006
A controlling bitch who uses her stupidity, fatness, and overall dumbass personality in order to force strict rules upon children in music classes.
Dude, that mom is such a muse, she couldn't go 5 seconds without telling me what to do or where to go or what I was doing wrong!
by Band President May 10, 2005

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