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(n.) abbreviation

Mean Ugly Mother Fucker. Usually referring to a gentleman of large physique, generally over 6ft with a Viking/biker like appearance, often astride a motorcycle.

When no riding like a twat can often found in biker bars, drinking copious amounts of alcohol and leading a life of debauchery and mayhem.
In conversation

"Who's that big chap over there, hitting people?"

"Oh, it's a MUMF, best not to fuck with him"
by A Mumf February 02, 2010
(n) a fat vagina. usually used to describe a visible fat vagina through overly tight clothing on women.
ew, that girls mumf is sticking out.
by henrik3x3 April 11, 2011
to mumf
the activity of sniffing ladies bicycle saddles
Royal Navy slang.
Q. "What's your hobby?"
A. "Mumfing"
by parmaman July 04, 2009
(n.) abbreviation
Messed Up Mother Fucker
You did what?! You're such a mumf .
by Markus Filamigo January 18, 2008
Function: Adj.

Inflected forms: mumfed,mumfing

a. To screw something up beyond all hope of recovery or repair

b. An attempt to undo a clumsy action or poor decision that actually results in a more catastrophic result than if the original action or decision had been allowed to proceed.
Bob: "Did you see me spin out on turn 3"

Dave: "Yeah, you totally mumfed it"

As the coffee cup fell towards the ground he lunged forward to catch it and accidently kicked it through the glass window.
by MadMatt April 10, 2008
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