(n.) abbreviation
Messed Up Mother Fucker
You did what?! You're such a mumf .
#mother fucker #messed up #jerk #bitch #ass
by Markus Filamigo January 18, 2008
Top Definition

(n.) abbreviation

Mean Ugly Mother Fucker. Usually referring to a gentleman of large physique, generally over 6ft with a Viking/biker like appearance, often astride a motorcycle.

When no riding like a twat can often found in biker bars, drinking copious amounts of alcohol and leading a life of debauchery and mayhem.
In conversation

"Who's that big chap over there, hitting people?"

"Oh, it's a MUMF, best not to fuck with him"
#mumf #biker #viking #alcohol #motorcycle
by A Mumf February 02, 2010
(n) a fat vagina. usually used to describe a visible fat vagina through overly tight clothing on women.
ew, that girls mumf is sticking out.
#vagina #pussy #camel toe #moose toe #pooch
by henrik3x3 April 11, 2011
to mumf
the activity of sniffing ladies bicycle saddles
Royal Navy slang.
Q. "What's your hobby?"
A. "Mumfing"
#saddles #royal navy #slang #snif #smell
by parmaman July 04, 2009
Function: Adj.

Inflected forms: mumfed,mumfing

a. To screw something up beyond all hope of recovery or repair

b. An attempt to undo a clumsy action or poor decision that actually results in a more catastrophic result than if the original action or decision had been allowed to proceed.
Bob: "Did you see me spin out on turn 3"

Dave: "Yeah, you totally mumfed it"

As the coffee cup fell towards the ground he lunged forward to catch it and accidently kicked it through the glass window.
#clumsy #clumsyfuck #goof #blundering #clusterfuck
by MadMatt April 10, 2008
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