mtv2 is a demon channel. it turns bands into being really good into sellouts. even if its a "whole nother channel" it still goes on to mtv when the video gets popular enough. why must they do that to so many good bands ? examples...afi and brand new.....
hey didn't afi used to be the most awesome band in the world?

yeah but then their video got on mtv2 and loads of dumbasses have acces to them and are gonna start liking them after all these years.
by kristen October 17, 2003
What MTV used to be like before selling out to Viacom.
Fuck this gay ass MTV Cribs shit. Turn it to MTV2 so I can see some actual fucking music videos.
by Eat a Bag of Hell April 22, 2003
a channel that upsets conservative white people because it plays non stop hiphop. it used to play videos but now it's nothing but non stop stupid shows, except for 'Martin'
a guy from Alabama = whts on MTV2?
another guy from Alabama = the blacks and latinos, Again!
by thaencyder April 20, 2011
a channel that is not as bad as MTV. most music is just one genre (rap), but every now and then they have rock such as the shows subterranean or t-minus rock. other than that there is not much to the channel.
it is like 4 in the moring and i am bored as hell, and absolutely nothing else is on. i'll watch mtv2
by viktoria December 10, 2006
a billion times better than MTV they show REAL music and HEADBANGERS BALL the best show in the world ....
hey man they give headbangers ball the best show ever
by metaljunkie November 22, 2003
channel that was good when it was called "M2", but now its morphed along w/mtv and vh1. they do play videos on mtv2 but unfortunatley its either some crap from the 80's or some new sissy shit.
well, at least carson daly hasn't contaminated mtv2 yet!!
by gus winslow August 17, 2003
The black persons MTV.
I switched on MTV 2 and I saw some rap video, and then I saw Rob and Big and Wild and Out. I'll might as well watch BET.
by Kyle230 June 20, 2009
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