The evil organization that has ruined rock music. Its filled with posers & retards who belive they have talent but actually have no clue what they are doing!!
Bob: Hey did you watch MTV last night?

Me: Nah i was watching Scuzz 'cos im not a sad twat blanket
by BIG D @ WUZZA November 08, 2009
A shortened name for the channel, Music Television.
Despite it's name, it does not play any music most of the time.
On the off chance that it does play music, the music that it plays is completely overrated and brainwashes little pre teen white kids to think that they are ghetto.
music such as Soulja Boy, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne are shown on MTV. All suck major tate.
a TV station that should be executed for the 1st degree murder of good music and the destruction of an entire generation of youths.

when it began in 1981, it was exactly what it said it was. a TV station dedicated to nothing but music videos 24/7. disco had just died and rock music was making a comeback.

MTV's main purpose was for rock bands to advertise their music to increase their concert ticket and record sales and it worked like a charm.

soon every rock band realized that making a video was the key to success and new videos were popping up every week.

this launched the careers of many then unknown bands like def leppard, U2, madonna, bon jovi, cyndy lauper, huey lewis, duran duran, billy idol, and etc.

fast forward to today and MTV is a billion and a half miles away from what it used to be.

today, it has little to nothing to do with music and it now serves as a social engineering propaganda machine for the liberal media that pied pipers young impressionable preteens and high school kids into their world of shallowness and immorality through their crappy reality shows.

it teaches young white suburban boys that they aren't cool unless they walk, talk, and act "ghetto" and to treat young girls as nothing but walking sex toys to be used and discarded after they've served their purpose.

it teaches young girls that they're losers unless they weigh under 90 lbs and aren't blond, rich, spoiled, materialistic, foul mouthed, and haven't given their first hummer at the ripe old age of 7.

it also teaches all kids to reject traditional norms, values, and morals in favor of debauchery, sleeze, shallowness, vulgarity, and lawlessness.

6 yr old walks up to his mom and says:

"mama, i'm gonna bust a cap in yo fat azz".

mom slaps the boy across the face and sends him to his room.

comes back 2 hrs later and asks him where he learned to talk like that.

he says 'MTV".
by pcclock November 23, 2008
is/was a Music Network that considers songs&Artists "New" once they become mainstream. Music is then "Killed" or overplayed by either or Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, American Eagle.

More Lost than Gained in this Music industry.
2005- *Hey there delilah* was released as Plain White T's third single
2007- In August Mtv Would now Own Plain White T's for this "new" song.

RIP Fall out boy, Metro station, PLain White T's, Boys like Girls... to name a few.
by Kris10heyfeeeee September 03, 2008
The sole network responsible for destroying music. Said network has brainwashed the masses to not appreciate the finer works of music in this world. Such as death metal (which isn't just people banging on instruments, listen to some fucking Necophagist) and the likes. This said network also makes people think that SLIPKNOT isfucking death metal. And in reality, this isfar from the truth.
MTV has destroyed musical genres and had bred an army of idiotic 'gangstas'.
by DeathToCocksmokers August 16, 2008
Where music goes to die
"KFC is to chicken, as MTV is to music"

-Lewis Black
by oppy137 August 09, 2008

1.) Also known as "The Boner Network", as suggested by comedian Lewis Black.

2.) A possible alternative to Viagra.

3.) A source of T&A in moving picture form for middle schoolers everywhere.

4.) A source of talentless male singers for high school girls to drool over.

5.) A repository for reality shows that are far from reality.

6.) A network which, despite its name, has little to do with music.
1.) "Had any of these people ever even seen MTV? All you gotta do is watch it for 5 minutes to know it should be called "The Boner Network!"" Quote from Lewis Black.

2.) "Look, if you're having trouble getting the least bit aroused, turn on MTV!"

3.) "Every day kids come home from school and say to their parents 'I'm gonna go watch MTV!!'. then they lock themselves in their rooms, turn on the TV, and just put their little peckers right on the set!" Quote from Lewis Black.

4.) "ZOMG he is soooo HOT!!!" said the girl who has bad taste in music...

5.) "Tropical environment, place with no obese people to be seen anywhere, no 'ugly' women (by men's standards), Tila Tequila walking around proudly displaying her breasts for all the world to see... If only the real world was that way..."

6.) "Why would you hire MTV... to do music? MTV has nothing to do with music. MTV is a video. And video goes where? In your EYE! EYE, EAR, EAR, EYE. Big, fuck, DIFFERENCE!!!"
Quote from Lewis Black.
by Hudizzle February 21, 2008
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