The worst channel of all time today that's bringing kids in numerous generations to nothing but posers and wannabes. It's got only three shows that draw all the morons to the screen... Totally Rigged Live, Real World, and Road Rules. Real World, my ass... If you want the Real World, get the hell out of your house.

MTV is simply a dictation of what is "cool" and appeals to blondes and jocks.
MTV was cool when Beavis & Butthead was around until some little prick injured himself.
by Notta Poser August 06, 2003
Music Television.
Turned to crap, pure crap.
girl: MTV is soo cool.
by Your Name February 21, 2004
Why todays youth are so stupid and ignorant. MTV told them rap and punk "music" are cool. MTV told them being "ghetto" is cool. MTV brainwashes everyone too young to understand just what corporations are trying to do. Look in any high school in america. MTV tells kids to have sex at a rediculously young age, drink large amounts of alcohol, and talk shit about everyone the second they turn around, also the reason so many teens do drugs and drink alcohol. Makes teens think they are tough when they roll up in their shitty cars blasting "fiddy" or whatever is cool that week. Makes "being cool" the most important thing/ MTV says if your not cool you should be dead. Also, has resulted in the popularity of stupid internet accesories such as AIM napster and myspace, why? because having a lot of "friends" is "cool" and you dont want to be "uncool"? do you? MTV is also the leading cause behind teen pregnancy.
By the way, im a teenager and im not a punk or ghetto fag or anything shitty like that im REAL (unlike the real world). Some people need to wake up and smell the crap.
by The last real teenager August 23, 2005
MTV should be against the law, they call themselves music television and they don't even play music, they have shitty shows like Cribs and when I thought they couldn't get any lower they pulled out a show call My Super Sweet 16 out of their asses, the worst show on television to date.
If other places acted like MTV
-Hello is this the pizza parlor?
-Can I have a pepperoni pizza?
-Whoa, whoa, we don't sell pizza, we sell racoon hats and eyepatches, if you're hungry call a book store.
by arrogant bastards r us May 27, 2005
a gay retarded tv station my sister watches, and i cant stand it... black homosexuals who think they are soo "pimp" and show there bling, who have a vocabulary that of a 3rd grader. real world... you want real word? leave your house, and put your hand in a waffle iorn. if you watch this network handcuff yourself to the railroad tracks.
here comes the train... its doing us all a favor.
by ryan April 22, 2005
A "music" channel that is often associated with seeling out, pop culture, killin the poor etc..

A hipper, yet completly different discovery channel
Mtv get off the air

Man I listened to MTV once and I was impotent for 50 years

I love the cock.....

by Mr. T December 15, 2003
a channel that claims to be about music.i've watched this crappy channel for 5 hours in a row and saw no music videos or news related to music!!
my freind saw mtv once and a week later he was smoking weed! **ck you MTV!!!!
by the rekad playa May 25, 2004
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