The current "MTV", which stands supposedly for "Music Television" but plays very very little music, is essentially where the propagandists and far left wingers start their agenda campaigns to brainwash America's youth (and increasingly spilling into the brainwashing of 20's, 30's and even 40 year olds).

Watching history via a timeline, when MTV played and promoted mostly 80's Pop and New Wave, everyone walked around with similar attitudes and clothing/hair styles. When MTV decided to play mostly Heavy Metal, most of the kids grew their hair long, dressed like Skid Row and Mötley Crüe. When MTV decided to promote depression metal (aka alternative/grunge) like Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, everyone took on the same mentality and attire. Currently, it appears the MTV has been bought out by the biggest racist of all, Spike Lee, because MTV now has become a 99.9% black channel, and thusly millions of brainwashed white girls are in relationships (aka "fucking" and being dropped like a nigga dropping a stolen car stereo while being chased by the po po) and having millions of unwanted mixed race babies.

In summation: Whatever MTV chooses to promote, America becomes, like a bunch of mindless zombies.
Ashley says to her white girlfriend: "tee hee hee, turn on MTV *in whiny voice drawing out the letter V*, I wanna see the new Lil Wayne video where his teeth are all covered in gold and diamonds and his twiggy bony ass is shirtless and his pants are hanging down to his kneessss, he's sooo sexyyy, I just wanna fuck him so bad!!! ermagerd!"

"Errrmahhgerddd Britneeeee, have you heard that new song on MTVVV? i LOVE the autotune and repetitive mind numbing beat loops, and shitty singing by Rhianna in it! Jay Z is sooo fucking HOT my panties get sooo wet!"
by KeepinItRealYo September 24, 2012
Mucus Television
by rock fan February 17, 2003
who would have thought this was written over 20 years ago?

Fun Fun Fun in the fluffy chair
Flame up the herb
Woof down the beer

Hi, I'm your video DJ. I always talk like I'm wigged out on quaaludes. I wear a satin baseball jacket everywhere I go. (Yes, I know. No one wears a satin jacket anyone unless it's a throwback - RR)

My job is to help destroy what's left of your imagination, by feeding you endless doses of sugar-coated mindless garbage.

So don't create, be sedate. Be a vegetable at home and thwack on that dial. If we have our way even you will believe this is the future of rock and roll

(background: MTV GET OFF THE AIR)

How far will you go?
how low will you stoop?
To tranquilize our minds with your sugar-coated poop?

You've turned rock and roll rebellion
Into Pat Boone sedation; making sure nothing's left to the imagination.

M.T.V. Get off the
M.T.V. Get off the
M.T.V. Get off the air
Get off the air

See the latest rejects from the muppet show wag their tits and their dicks as they lip-synch on screen.
There's something I don't like about a band who always smiles.
Another tax write-off for some schmuck who doesn't care.

M.T.V. Get off the air!

And so it was, our beloved corporate gods claimed they created rock video.
Allowing it to sink as low in one year
As commercial TV has in 25.
"It's the new frontier," they say.
It's wide open, anything can happen
But you've got a lot of nerve to call yourself a pioneer when you're too god-damn conservative to take real chances.

Tin-eared graph-paper brained accountants instead of music fans call all the shots at giant record companies now.

The lowest common denominator rules
Forget honesty
Forget creativity
The dumbest buy the mostest
That's the name of the game

But sales are slumping
And no one will say why
Could it be they put out one too many lousy records?!? (Yes, hell yes - RR)
M.T.V. Get off the air!
by Ricky Roma January 30, 2004
A shitty TV station (I use that term LOOSELY, as they can't even be called TV, they're that bad) that tries to dictate what is "cool" and what isn't by brainwashing the world's youth. They show only 2 hours of "music" at MOST (and it's all crap), and the rest of the time they show "reality" TV. What's so real about living in a $4 million mansion with nothing to worry about but 6 other whiny teenagers yelling over bullshit (the "Real" World)? They took all their good shows off the air (Beavis & Butthead, Celebrity Deathmatch, etc.) and their one good show (Jackass) belongs on Comedy Central.
by Kevin September 02, 2003
music television, yet they never play music
music televison....all i hear on it is rap, thats not music
by me August 17, 2004
"music television" however in the past 2 years, i have yet to see a full music video on it. whatever happened to the mtv that showed the bugles video for 24 hours a day non-stop? (not that i'm condoning their action of playing such a song for such an extended amount of time)
mtv fucking sucks my left nut. and mtv2 is starting to transform into mtv. there needs to be a channel that strictly shows music videos nonstop and from all genres of music. except country.
by el tropicool kid June 20, 2003
Mind-rot bullshit. It is, has been and always will be mind-rot bullshit. The most ingenius commercial for a CD ever created.
No, MTV STILL sucked when before it was bought out.
by AlexMax May 27, 2003
A network full of whiny conformists who tell you what's cool and not cool because it's cool
Hello we are MTV we tell you what's cool and uncool, you can't decide that for yourself because that would be uncoll and you're not uncool are you
by Hellion July 20, 2004

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