The current "MTV", which stands supposedly for "Music Television" but plays very very little music, is essentially where the propagandists and far left wingers start their agenda campaigns to brainwash America's youth (and increasingly spilling into the brainwashing of 20's, 30's and even 40 year olds).

Watching history via a timeline, when MTV played and promoted mostly 80's Pop and New Wave, everyone walked around with similar attitudes and clothing/hair styles. When MTV decided to play mostly Heavy Metal, most of the kids grew their hair long, dressed like Skid Row and Mötley Crüe. When MTV decided to promote depression metal (aka alternative/grunge) like Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, everyone took on the same mentality and attire. Currently, it appears the MTV has been bought out by the biggest racist of all, Spike Lee, because MTV now has become a 99.9% black channel, and thusly millions of brainwashed white girls are in relationships (aka "fucking" and being dropped like a nigga dropping a stolen car stereo while being chased by the po po) and having millions of unwanted mixed race babies.

In summation: Whatever MTV chooses to promote, America becomes, like a bunch of mindless zombies.
Ashley says to her white girlfriend: "tee hee hee, turn on MTV *in whiny voice drawing out the letter V*, I wanna see the new Lil Wayne video where his teeth are all covered in gold and diamonds and his twiggy bony ass is shirtless and his pants are hanging down to his kneessss, he's sooo sexyyy, I just wanna fuck him so bad!!! ermagerd!"

"Errrmahhgerddd Britneeeee, have you heard that new song on MTVVV? i LOVE the autotune and repetitive mind numbing beat loops, and shitty singing by Rhianna in it! Jay Z is sooo fucking HOT my panties get sooo wet!"
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by KeepinItRealYo September 24, 2012
a corporation that literally started music television, that people will always seem to bitch about and then go off to watch. does hav stupid presenters etc tho.

watch mtv 2
person: i hate mtv so much cos all my friends do.
person 2: yeh i only watch mtv cos i hate it so much.
by j July 18, 2004
The only problem with mtv is that they dont play music as much as they used to and when they do its only so much of it. when i read about every one else complaining about how it sucks ass. well i have just one thing to say: If your so fuckin pissed off dont go crying or complaining about it try and actually to make a difference write to the network or something do a protest outside the Mtv studio. Dont just sit around bithching about how horrible it is.
by Rashal August 24, 2003
Not really that, does have some decent shows...most of the kids who attack it are themselves victims of the trend it produces.
"Good Charlotte rocks, MTV ruined them, same with Linkin Park!" -your average moron.
by mtv is cooler than you June 27, 2003
this channel that totally kicks ass and i dont care what anyone else says cuz its the hottest peice of shit out there, like o.m.f.g its so gangsterr and gay pride. totally hardcore g-g-g-g unit stuffs dudes and dudettes! anyone who doesnt think that this station is tha best is dumb and has no sense of class. forget you emo kids who think that MTV isnt da shitz yo. go get a life and some friends you losers..
"omg mtv is the shits yo"
#cool #hardcore #g-g-g-g unit! #dank #awesome sauce
by playa del seville October 04, 2005
one of my fav channels, that is being critized by 1)aging weenies who cant get over the fact that artists Run-DMC, Nirvana(r.i.p. Kurt), and GNR are no longer relvant, 2)teen losers who think they have such insight because they listen to ancient ass bands, 3)right-wing christians dont want want their kids to watch anything but Sesame Street 4)stupid frat boy meatheads, most of which probably watch mtv, all of which have a limited vocabulary beyond the words "gay", "fag", and "queer". If you assholes are so smart why dont you realize that just cause the channel is called MTV doesnt mean it has to be all about music? The name is just a name that reps youth culture. Music is meant to be heard you dipshits. If you want music so bad go to your local vintage shop and buy your damn Led Zepplin album. Who wants a channel all about music and nothing else? How lame. Like any channel, some of the shows are good: Real World(most of the seasons), Super Sweet 16(only season 1), Date My Mom, Room Raiders, one of my favs NEXT. Some are ok: My Own, Viva la Bam, Made. Some suck ass: Laguna Beach(preppy white bitches whining? no thanx), TRL(ive always hated), My Own(I changed my mind that show sucks). MTV is 4 teens, not for sad ppl trying to hang on to their teens who think their era was best. Note the word WAS. Your era of MTV is over. Deal with it.

p.s. to the dumbass who mentioned degrassi, thats a whole nother network idiot. And mtv should bring back Undressed! That show kicked ass.
idiot 1: mtv doesnt play the old Van Halen videos, what happened to GNR, why'd they cancel Beavis and Butthead?

Me:if u want music go buy a cd, or maybe even an ipod, who the hell cares about Van Halen and GNR,shows gotta end sometime, thats just how tv works. go buy it on dvd if ur that bummed. do u even know what an ipod and dvd is? Welcome to 2006 grandpa.

Idiot 2: all the kids at my school are such losers! They all watch mtv and dont listen to bands like Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd that came out over 30 yrs ago! What sheep.

Me: maybe the reason your an outcast is because your such a know-it-all little prick. And I know you got that Ramones t-shirt from Hot Topic, poser.

Idiot 3: mtv is a liberal wasteland corrupting our youth with their immoral values,cursing, sex, and scandalous fashion trends.

Me: dude...u are so repressed. Get fucked. And Fast.

Idiot 4: mtv is gay, emo queers, they show fags kissing, no headbanger music, fag, queer, gay, fag, queer, gay....

Me: u are a dumbass. I would never date a pig like u. *walks away in disgust*
#real world #vh1 #aging #losers #old people
by h8theh8rs September 10, 2006
yeah, well sorry, but mtv is a good channel. welcome to 2005 bitches, tv isnt for music anymore, its for shows. want to see music videos? watch mtv2 or mtv between the hours of 2 am and 4 pm. thats plenty music right there. and the reality shows? amazing. real world, road rules, real world road rules challenge, real world road rules battle of the sexes 1 and 2, my super sweet sixteen, laguna beach, made, everything else that is right with the world. excuse me but how can a tv channel kill music? i believe that was the corruption of the music industry which essentially runs mtv. so take your whiny-ass problems to geffen and columbia and def jam and whatever. go watch some real world.
turn on mtv right now. you'll enjoy what you see.
by spamee February 21, 2005
This is one of the best music video channel out there (next to fuse). It would be better if there wasnt so much rap but that is beside the point. All of you people who think that this has ruined american music, get over it. this IS american music. and all you people who i am pretty sure just called me a fuckhole, YOU my friend, are the true fuck hole.

as for all the reality shows, have you ever watched viva la bam or punkd or jackass?? obviously not fuckhole!
Hey, I could spend hours watching MTV and fuse, thinking about all of those fuckholes who dont like it.
by SRL September 26, 2004
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