Proof that there is no God
by my dick July 25, 2003
A corporation soley dedicated to paying black dudes with no singing, rapping, or acting talent(nick cannon) to pretend that the live in the ghetto but are actually swimming in huge piles of thier own money, similar to wordnickelodeonword
Nick Cannon started rapping about how sad his life is, and proceeded to buy the entire cast free beers after the shooting of the 'music video'
by Anonymous July 16, 2003
the television station that is responsible for the genocide of good music
if all you play on your station is rap, shitty bands such as good charlotte, celebrity shows, and a show about two idiotic celebrities who happen to be married, you can't really classify yourself as "music" television
by stan February 23, 2005
The PORN equivalent of Sesame Street!
Mtv "GET OFF THE AIR" !!!!!!
by jack offs June 27, 2004
A music oriented television channel devoted to homosexual emo music, pop, and annoying hip-hop stars that talk about nothing but their "bling bling".
MTV is the worst channel on TV.
by Cameron Landreth October 22, 2003
the worst channel! it completely ruins bands that were once awesome! and turns the new fans into posers and that love britney spears still
"get your ass off the air MTV!"
by meandthemoon June 01, 2004
1. The worst excuse for music ever to poison our generation.
2. An adjective used to describe a group or artist who would normally appear on MTV and is regarded as a complete poser.
1. Poser: Hey did you see Eminems new video on MTV?
2. Eminem is so MTV.
by stupid May 30, 2004
a shite tv channel that took beavis & butthead and jackass off.
the worst channel ever
by *!?!* February 21, 2004
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