Miscellanious Television. Used to show half-assed music videos. Now it just shows crap and the lives of millionaire artist sellouts.
A conformists paradise.
what the fuck does "real world" have to do with music?!
by Juliya April 12, 2004
Soft core porn marketed to children.
We have an additional hour of nude hijinks from spring break after these commercials for Disney, Snickers, and Big Wheel.
by X. Raraavis September 05, 2003
Music TeleVision.
A channel that now plays only reality shows that do not contain music, and are not real. Just like all the other reality shows, they are staged.
One gigant commercial trying to tell people that you are only worth living if you are hot, or can play music.
MTV is some mother fucking bull shit. It is not music.
by Matt b June 15, 2003
The 2nd reason that 99.9% of the world population (mainly the US population) is manipulated and retarded to some degree (the 1st reason being rap).
"Music" television my ass.

MTV= Manipulative Television.
by Joe August 20, 2003
Destroys music and brainwashes little kids and turns them into perverts and basketcases and makes them grow up to be miserable,selfish,vain,shallow adults (if you can call that "growing up")
Mtv was NEVER any good EVER.The "only" good show Mtv ever had was Beavis and Butthead.In the entire History of Mtv I've only seen about 10 good videos.
by Korn sucks December 20, 2003
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