Where bad music rules >95% of the evening, where red carpet shows offer celebrities the opportunity to show off some of the most ridiculous clothing ever to be worn, allows celebrities to make some of the most boring speeches you will ever hear, and where axl rose and new guns n' roses, to the horror of GNR fans everywhere, butchered Welcome to the Jungle, proving that sometimes, you really should quit while you're ahead.
Nick-Did you see Guns n' Roses at the MTV VMA?
Steve- Unfortunatley, yes.
by jonzo the weasel September 11, 2006
Top Definition
An event where a group of people who have the minds of children watch a bunch of untalented freaks.
Did u see the MTV VMAs? OMG Justin was so hott!!! OMG LOL!!! I'm 10!
by Lexicon Master September 02, 2003
A waste of time.
The MTV VMA was shitty this year, like every year
by pat August 28, 2003
a lame show where corporate whores get an award for singing to a machine made music
LOL! did u hear that? justin timberlake called himself a musician! thats a good one!
by Boogxter August 30, 2003
The worst piece of shit ever created by MTV. An excuse for talentless scum like Justin Timberlake and Missy Elliott to win awards for "Best Music of the Year" while spitting on Johnny Cash , and for Metallica to ruin classic songs made by real musicians. Fuck MTV.
The only interesting thing about the MTV VMAs was when Britney Spears and Madonna performed a lesbian-tongue kiss on stage. The rest of the show was a fucking joke.
by rock fan August 29, 2003
An award given out once a year to an "artist" who is apparently better than another artist. They usually belong to the genre of rap, or hip-hop and R&B. If the recipient didn't happen to fall into one of these genres, it's so that nobody would complain. This wasn't true until the last few years.
50-cent won 3 MTV VMAs last night because he is a good musical artist who has lots of talent. Nah, i'm j/k, its cuz lots of lil white girls sweat him.
by dakkon August 29, 2003
A chance to see Madonna dyke out with Britney Spears.
Yo I was watching the MTV VMAs and I saw Madonna mackin' Britney!
by ANTiSYSTEM August 29, 2003
Medochontrialamoid Vaginal Venereal Maladronalachitis

Eww you got Medochontrialamoid Vaginal Venereal Maladronalachitis?
by Anonymous September 01, 2003

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