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I'd rather watch paint dry than watch the MTV Music Awards.
by Jason Morgan October 28, 2003
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All it is is one big riggfest sponsored be the RIAA. See VMA or MTV VMA.
The MTV Music Awards suck dogshit.
by middle finger September 17, 2003
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A fucking joke made by MTV. Basically, all of the "artists" you hear on the Top 40 radio station, and anyone who appears on MTV and B.E.T. automatically win an MTV music award. Talent and originality are not required to win one.

If you're an independent artist, or a jazz/rock/orchestra musician, forget it.
Hey, look. Some bubblegum-pop star whose music was played on Total Request Live for five months straight was nominated with 29 MTV Music Awards.
by rock fan August 18, 2003
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There is no fucking point in them handing out awards when no music is being played on their bullshit oxymoron station.
How many more fucking awards can Eminem win for his shitty music album. MTV Music Awards suck.
by my ears are bleeding September 30, 2003
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