MRA is an unknown abbreviation that the band, Smile Empty Soul, has as an idea for a record label. They leave it unknown to all fans and is only shared between to members of the band. Sean, the vocalist, has a tattoo of MRA on his upper arm.
Look at Sean's MRA tattoo.
by [Miss] Anna Lee January 19, 2008
A person who believes in the radical notion that men have issues, too. Known for derailing arguments with unfair tactics such as facts or logic.
Feminist: 1 in 4 women are raped daily! Rape culture is an epidemic of misogyny!
MRA: Actually that's a false statistic that was never substantiated with credible dat--

Feminist: You're just a rape apologist!
MRA: What, no. Rape is never ok but we need to approach the issue sensibl--
Feminist: Hey everybody this guy's a misogynist who defends rape!
MRA: What no, I'm just saying there's a lot of feminist statistics that simply don--
Feminist: Why do you hate women?
MRA: What is wrong with you?
by A Dead Squirell November 28, 2014
Men's Rights Activist. A group of men who actually look up facts, instead of automatically gainsaying what another has to say and using statistics based in the 60's as being still true today. Also, they tend to care about their rights, as opposed to wanting to trash anyone else.

If you're still confused, look at the other "descriptions". Read those that trash MRA's, and those that simply define it. You'll see a VAST difference. They prove MRA's points very well actually, in the way they brutally try to trash its members.
"MRA stands for Men's rights activist, not: "I hate women." Apparently there was some confusion."
by #MRA January 30, 2015
Men Rights Activists. Civil society associations concerned with combating accepted discrimination against men in contemporary western society, especially in the areas of military service, family law, popular culture and other areas when double standards are applied. Often targets of hate speech by radical feminists.
Man: I believe that men's rights are just as important as women's in creating a just and equitable society. That's why I'm involved in MRA, men's rights activism.
by The Marky Mark January 27, 2015
random word used in sentences, usually in time of silences
Person 1: blah blah blah (finishes sentence)
person 2: (3 minutes later) mraaa.
by nat123456 November 05, 2010
A superhero that the Hoosiers said goodbye to in a video from September 2007. They believed that he would love them, but sources say he knew too much. He wore a white spandex jumpsuit and was middle-aged. He was sent into outer space on a rocket, and was never heard from again. Rumour has it that he opened up a restaurant on Planet Mars.
"Goodbye Mr A, you promised you would love us, but you knew too much."
by Sammiee January 01, 2008
A young human male who ascribes to the old ways of society by thinking men are the superior gender and that women should accept this and be submissive. These beliefs are founded on a life of unsupervised hardcore Internet porn. It should also be noted that while the MRA does believe that the natural order of life has pinned women under men as a part of evolution, the MRA gets most of his food from the grocery store across the street by using his mom's credit card. MRAs are very much about natural order though, except for when it comes to knowing how to hold a knife, how sex actually works, and how to live outside of a sheltered suburban apartment with an Internet connection.
"I am an alpha dog! I am a proud MRA member! Women bow down before me and my G.E.D education! Oh holy fuck! A mosquito just bit me! Oh fuck! I'm allergic! Someone find me my cream! Mom! Oh God, it itches you guys! Ooooooooooo"
by Dadadade February 01, 2015

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