Acronym for Men's Rights Movement. Movement dedicated to helping men legally and socially. Focus points include:

-high male suicide rates
-high male on-the-job death rates
-lack of men's abuse shelters
-custody battle inequality
-stigma against male rape victims
-selective service
-reproductive rights and child support
-false rape accusations
-harsher prisons sentences than women
-and the like
Did you attend the MRA conference about male suicide?
by sillygirl888 September 30, 2015
MRA is "Mens Rights Activist": a person, usually a man, though not exclusively - who seeks to redress the imbalance in society brought about by feminists.
The MRA noted that, in divorces, men get child custody only 10% of the time.
by Bedizening August 29, 2015
A Man Bra.
Dude...Maybe you should start wearing a mra...your moobs are getting really big and I can see your mipples when it gets cold!
by Scandalicious April 30, 2003
Confused, angry men who fear having to live in a society where their superiority is not automatically assured by their gender. Typically frequent forums and websites rife with misogyny where they claim that rape is a falsehood used to control men, that feminism is 'female supremacy' designed to hand the reins of power solely to women, and disregard women's rights issues, claiming that discrimination against women is a thing of the past.

MRAs - ALL of them, without exception - are living examples of confirmation bias, never venturing outside of their established groups, publications, forums, et al, thus surrounding themselves only with that which serves to affirm their existing beliefs.

Tend to subscribe to the belief that all feminists, worldwide, are exactly the same as that one stupid angry teen chick they saw on tumblr that one time.
As an MRA, I hate equality.

No really, I'm a rampant misogynist living in an idealised vision of the past
by AlanSmithee173 March 28, 2016
The Murtagh Restoration Army
A band of angry people, furious that the hottie (and best character) known as Murtagh has barely got a part in the film of Eragon.
Murtagh Eragon Garrett Hedlund
Fan 1 "Dammit, that Hedlund guy was hot, why did he hav about 10 seconds onscreen?"

Fan 2 "Aha, you'd better get yourself down to the MRA, have a look on IMDB in the 'For all who love Murtagh' thread"
by arwen_evenstar December 24, 2006
IM speak for a cat noise; what to say when you are angry about something.
Flotus: Hey, my computer is slow, could you write that email again?
Hernando: It took me 30 minutes, mra!
by Nonyo Binness September 27, 2007
MRA is an unknown abbreviation that the band, Smile Empty Soul, has as an idea for a record label. They leave it unknown to all fans and is only shared between to members of the band. Sean, the vocalist, has a tattoo of MRA on his upper arm.
Look at Sean's MRA tattoo.
by [Miss] Anna Lee January 19, 2008
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