mentally retarded, handicapped, slow, down syndrome, etc
"yo, check out that M R coming this way!"
by Johnny Walker Red February 15, 2007
Mr. wonders about miss. Mr. is a romantic man whose heart flutters as suddenly as a startled butterfly. He forgives quickly, realizing that LOVE is all. Like the butterfly, his favorite food is nectar from a flower, and he always desires to bathe in cool dewdrops on a summer morn. He prefers to rest in cozy nests filled with downy feathers. He loves to float upon warm breezes of chilled spring dawns, and drift along cool whispering breezes of hot summer eves. It reminds him of the Garden of Eden, and when it spread across all the land of the Earth.
Mr. was here a second ago, but then there was a rose scented gust of misty kisses.
by Urth February 05, 2010
He's the one that makes the Ms the happiest. Loving and caring, and always by her side. Not only does he make the Ms's heart go boom, boom, boom up against her chest. The Mr also knows what the Ms is thinking, and always has her on his mind. Without the mr, the ms would be nothing. In order for her to take another step, to inhale another breathe, she needs the Mr. He's the piece that completes the Ms's heart, he is everything and more. The Mr is a rare type of breed, theres no one like him. No one could ever just be so perfect in the eyes of the Ms. The Ms fucking loves and adores the Mr. Together forever, nor heaven or hell can seperate the two, the bond that they contain for one another is ever so strong, and can never be broken.
Ms. Kelly loves her Mr. Jacob, always, and forever will.
The Mr means everything to the Ms.
The Mr and the Ms will have children someday.
by Shavonda Williams July 25, 2007
midship engine rear drive
mr is stands for midship engine rear drive not for mister.
by jUsTiN July 23, 2003
Usually used a term of Endearment between gay males during conversation
Awww thats really sweet mr.
by Danni Collines October 27, 2008
Say this to tell over people your current mood, emotion or feeling or can be used followed by an insult or otherwise. Can also be said as Miss. Mrs. Ms. Lord. Lady. Master. or Sir.
I feel like Mr. Pimp today!
by ItIsJoshington February 05, 2011
A common saying on www.jinx.com for "mental reality."
"Man, i can't believe they finally unlocked mr, lets go post random bullshit in peace again!!!"
by tankabito October 26, 2006

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