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Pronounced Mee-stur. Refers to a person that is mildly retarded. A person that has limited skills, most often skills related to basic living.

ex: "After further testing, we determined that GW Bush is a MR."
by bobby f. dreckle March 28, 2007
11 14
Mentally Retarded. Used instead of saying "retarded."
That is so MR dude. He's totally MR.
by bp December 16, 2004
95 47
Stands for ' Mentally Retarded '' .. if these are your initials you are mentally impaired. Can also mean, scary monster, ugly mothafucker.
that kid drooling over there is an MR..''M.R.''
by djcoe February 10, 2008
50 24
M-ental R-etard
You are a complete MR dude!
by Inner Circle February 22, 2004
58 32
A title used by ignorant or immature people in order to mock someone of authority or greater intelligence when losing an argument. Usually added to the beginning of the latter's origional name or title.
Police Officer: "Ma'am, have you been drinking tonite?"
Drunk Woman: : "Listen Mr. Police Officer, I swear I only had to beers."
by Mr.Man of Sri Lanka July 15, 2010
28 8
music removed

the process of removing the background music of a music video to determine whether or not the band would sound good at a live performance.

often only used in kpop.
dude. wondergirls sound like shit with mr.

hey. snsd still sounds pretty good with mr.
by a.n.o.n.y.m.o.u.s... November 11, 2011
23 7
mentally retarded, handicapped, slow, down syndrome, etc
"yo, check out that M R coming this way!"
by Johnny Walker Red February 15, 2007
16 6
masterbation race. Typically when your girlfriend is ragging out and you cannot have sex. You want to aim for a tie.
I was having a M.R. with my girl, and I won all over her face.
by Gabbangtiffalicious November 29, 2011
8 0