To lick someone on or near the mouth.
Person 1: *lick*

Person 2: "Eww you just moylan'd me!"
by bobjones522 February 05, 2012
Top Definition
1. to put forth little to no effort in an endeavor. Especially when relating to physical activity.
2. to feign an injury, or disability so as to avoid an undesirable task.

An individual who engages in the above behavior
He Moylaned that run.
Hale Bitched out that Moylan.
verb: To one-up. Usually unknowingly. As if one is in a one-upping coma.

origin: from the Spanish 'muy', meaning 'very', or 'more'; and 'lanzar', meaning 'to throw'. To throw more.
A. "That burrito from Chipotle was delicious."
B. "I had two Chipotle burritos for lunch."
A. "Cool. Did you pick up some beer for tonight?"
B. "My burrito had extra rice, too."
A. "Did I just get moylan'd?"
B. "Plus I had the guac. It's extra."
by The Mez October 15, 2009
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