a certain girl's sexual toy
rochelle had a momo in her vagina and it felt amazing.
by kyrochelle July 10, 2008
A three legged talking deer.
A friend of mine in elementary school (in Maine) told me his grandfather saw a three legged deer. He said its name is Momo. Momo speaks at a 3rd grade level but cannot write.
by Blake M. January 16, 2008
emo word for


jamiemo: hey! zup??
markemo: uh..uh....jamie i have something to tell you
jamiemo: uh....what??
markemo: MOMO!
jamiemo: MOMO too
by nynke January 07, 2008
make out
i cant wait for class to be over so john and i can momo at the back of the classroom.
by loodledoodle April 27, 2010
Ridiculous abbreviation for "Mormon."
What about Brad, he is a momo, right?
by hola6455 February 19, 2010
Another word for Captain Morgan Spiced Rum used frequently among teens
Dids, you down to get a liter of Momo for tonight's dance?
by mrplinks November 26, 2009
amazingly funny pasadena girl who terroizes loyola boys on her free time and often says "tee hee hee"
by buffalo solider April 25, 2009

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