The word orginated from me when I came across abunch of girls or guys wit tight clothes on.

A scene/ emo wearing inappropriate clothing showing off excess of fat and trying to blend wit todays culture. Not doing a good job of it.
Ew look at that momo she has too tight of a shirt on!

that momo was talking to me and I could just see his fat but.
by S. Valentine April 19, 2010
Moustache monobrow - man or woman with moustache and monobrow combo. get waxed buddy/bitch.
'did you see that man.. he was such a momo.'
'jesus honey wax much? you're beginning to look like a momo!'
by john james preston December 27, 2008
A homosexual mofo.
Usually used as a joke. Not litterally a homosexual mofo.
"Hey Ambo! What's up?"
"Nothing much you facil slut."
by Tasha :D November 18, 2008
a certain girl's sexual toy
rochelle had a momo in her vagina and it felt amazing.
by kyrochelle July 10, 2008
A three legged talking deer.
A friend of mine in elementary school (in Maine) told me his grandfather saw a three legged deer. He said its name is Momo. Momo speaks at a 3rd grade level but cannot write.
by Blake M. January 16, 2008
emo word for


jamiemo: hey! zup??
markemo: uh..uh....jamie i have something to tell you
jamiemo: uh....what??
markemo: MOMO!
jamiemo: MOMO too
by nynke January 07, 2008
Ridiculous abbreviation for "Mormon."
What about Brad, he is a momo, right?
by hola6455 February 19, 2010

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