abbreviation for more money, if youd need more money you go to your boss and tell him that you want momo
"hey boss, give me momo"
by RMCF February 01, 2008
(Not to be confused with homo) A slang, and rather flamboyant, reference to Mormon individuals. Not an insult, but rather a way of getting around the stigma of "The Mormons" and make a normally pretentious, snobby, and naive LDS (Latter-Day Saints) person seem cute an actually one of us - if only for a moment.
"Look at the Momo in his suit and tie cross the street to avoid the lower class citizens - that's so cute!"

"You don't have a chance of hitting that - she's a Momo"
by R. Spoon September 21, 2007
A popular african american term for a cocaine laced blunt.
Hey dawg, I don't got enough coke for snortin', so lets roll up a Momo instead.
by Jtizzle the jizzle August 10, 2007

Used when someone is continually making stupid acts. Also when someone is annoying or thinks that he/she is better than someone else. Also used when someone says something stupid and gets caught.
1. Mosley is such a Momo! He keeps causing trouble!

2. That sounded Stupid! You MOMO!!!
by Rhett Pilcher July 13, 2007
make out
i cant wait for class to be over so john and i can momo at the back of the classroom.
by loodledoodle April 27, 2010
Another word for Captain Morgan Spiced Rum used frequently among teens
Dids, you down to get a liter of Momo for tonight's dance?
by mrplinks November 26, 2009
A stupid or socially retarded person who is unaware of anyone else or their surroundings.
Look at this fucking MoMo, driving the wrong way on the highway.
by successful360 May 06, 2009

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