(noun) a playful insult; short for the word moron; closely related to the terms bafoon, blockhead, fool, idiot, jerk, and silly goose
That momo cut me off when I was driving home!
Stop being such a momo and get back to work!
by croft29 April 06, 2011
Also used for breasts in northern india.
Uske kya momo hein!!!
English: What a pair of boobs she have!!!
by sharm April 06, 2006
A shortened word for 'motel'.
Ray-J & Yung Berg's 'Sexy Can I'-

Sexy can I, keep it on the low.
Got a girl at the crib, we can take it to the momo.
by idontknowww March 30, 2008
The transliteration of the samoan term for "shit"
"E! momo, alu fufulu lou muli!!"
Translation: "Hey! shit, go wash your bum!!"

"E va'ai ile momo lale"
Translation: "Hey look at that shit"
by kuli,wena n monkey! March 01, 2006
a stupid person, aka "dingus", "douchebag", or just plain old "fool"
"hey momo, knock the shit off or im gonna slap you."
by s rudiman September 02, 2005
momo =abrv. for motion
he was rocking in a back and forth momo.
by ._^ May 11, 2006
A 100-series Realian Observational Unit from Xenosaga! Name means Peach in Japanese.
Hey look, it's MOMO.
by MojoDuh February 28, 2005

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