Mocha is...well, a mixture of coffe and Chocolate. Also my nickname in softball because I am a Coffee Addict and a Chocoholic! ...YAY COFFEE!!!...
"I would like to order a Carmel Mocha" at Starbucks! YAY Starbucks!
by Mochalvr April 07, 2005
A kiss that involves one particapant to drink a coffee and one to drink a hot chocolate. The resulting snog tastes like a mocha.
After guy has drunk coffee and girl has drunk hot chocolate:

Guy: hey do you want to snog? It will taste like a mocha!

Girl: yeah i love mocha's
by justgotmocherd123 January 07, 2011
A child's name who was made by a blonde white girl and a black white boy. The child is denied to exist by both the black white boy and the blonde white girl.
It's Mocha! I knew he existed!
by sublime4510 July 04, 2008
the hottest girl ever. she like to get people excited. a great ballplayer. Melissa is the bes person all aroudn with a nice ass.
Me and mocha were kooshin.
by giveitup9 February 16, 2003
a bugaboo(a person who wont quit buggin)
Go away mocha!!!!
by naynay March 16, 2003
Actually Mocha, you and your friend think I'm lunar shadows, where I'm not him. Actually hun, I'm a chick.

You also said him and I post the same way. That's obvioulsy false because if you compare his definitions, like chocolate chips and dinky little to mine, you can tell we're not the same person.
Why the hell do you think I'm lunar? I don't come here enough to be him.
by psych ward employee January 11, 2005
A black person. Slang for Nigga.
Look at that nappy headed mocha. Mocha please.
by Michael Dorado August 26, 2006

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